With perhaps more offensive line shuffling coming before the Giants’ Week 4 matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs, David Wilson once again finds himself between a rock and a hard place.

But if there’s any hope of Wilson and the Giants getting the running game going, this is the week something has to happen.

The bad news is that the Chiefs boast an impressive front seven, including the NFL’s sack leader Justin Houston and the always dangerous Tamba Hali.

The good news is that there may be a way to exploit the aggressive pass rush of the Chiefs without having to resort to Philadelphia Eagles-style shenanigans.

The Giants need to come out early and establish that they’re willing to pass the ball to Wilson.  I’m talking mostly about little screens and swing passes to the flats to force Hali and Houston to maintain some containment on the outside.

This will not only relieve pressure on Eli Manning when the Giants look to open up the vertical passing game, but it could also help set up gains on the ground as well.

Those ground gains could come in the form of a delayed hand-off to Wilson.  Once it is in the mind of the Chiefs’ pass rushers that Wilson is a legitimate receiving target, when it looks like Manning drops back to pass, the outside linebackers will likely try to keep containment so they don’t get burned for a big gain on a little pass to the flat.

Even if Hali and Houston don’t care about containment, and just rush after Manning, a handoff up the middle to Wilson after the defensive line has gotten a few yards of penetration against the embattled Giants O-line could yield some nice gains.

Of course, that all depends on how well Wilson is able to utilize his speed and make cuts to avoid defenders the way in which LeSean McCoy was able to in Week 3, when he torched the Chiefs defense for 158 yards and one touchdown.

With the right play calling and a little bit of luck, the Giants might have a shot at salvaging their running game, before it’s too late.

Joe’s Prediction:

13 rushes, 75 yards, 1 touchdown, 2 catches, 15 yards, 0 touchdowns

I was pretty close last week, let’s hope I’m close again.

Joe Vasile | Featured Columnist

Joe Vasile is a play-by-play announcer for Widener Pride football and host of “Ball Four” on WTSR in Trenton.  Follow him on Twitter at @JoeVasilePBP.