How the Giants beat Drew Brees

The Giants play the Saints tomorrow and despite Drew Brees having all his offensive weapons taken away from him over the last three years, No. 9 will beat you if you do not disrupt his game. One would say they are rebuilding.

I am a Drew Brees fan, ever since San Diego gave up on him due to 2 shoulder injuries. Since that time he has ranked at the top with Brady, Peyton, and Rodgers.  What makes Brees a special player is how he over comes his height disadvantage by getting the ball out of his hand, with an extremely quick release.  I think Rodgers and Brees do it the best…

So how do you beat Drew Brees?  Clog the passing lanes.  

The key to beating Drew Brees starts with taking away his passing lanes.  When a 6’0″ quarterback in the NFL can’t see…the defense has  good day.  

With that said, the Giants do not have a pass rush…at all.  However, they can still get their hands up and often.  Demontre Moore, George Selvie, Kerry Wynn and Marcus Kuhn are all over 6′ 4″, they need to push up the field and get their hands up to knock down passes and disrupt the offensive game.  

Brees does not hold onto the ball long enough for the Giants sluggish pass rush to get to him and understand that the Saints are bad because the franchise has given Brees nothing to work with.  

However for a guy working with youth, they are stepping up as a team.   He has thrown for over 300 yards in 4 of 6 games and has only thrown 4 interceptions.  He has been sacked 17 times.

That plays into the Giants favor on every defense series.