Handcuffing the Offense: Jones Should Have Input in The Game Plan

By Craig J. Santucci @NYGiantsRush

How does Daniel Jones not have input into the Giants Offense game plan?

This seems to be floating below the radar. During the press conference, Daniel Jones eluded to following the game plan that is installed. Excuse me…can you say that again? Jason Garrett is in his second year as the Coordinator and you would think by now he would see value in having his starting Quarterback more involved, especially since Jones has been at the helm for three years.

This conservative offense is killing the team. Does Judge not see this? This is the second year in a row that the New York Giants can not score and it’s not from a lack of effort from their signal-caller.

Princeton & Duke:

The Giants have an Offensive Coordinator from Princeton and a Quarterback from Duke, you would think these two minds would be better together and could craft a creative plan to put this team in the best situation to score touchdowns, not field goals. The Giants are averaging less than two touchdowns a game over this span…it can not continue on this pace if the Giants are to ever contend for the playoffs.

Play to Win:

The fact that Garrett had not called plays for Dallas since 2013 only tells me that history is repeating itself and at a minimum Garrett should be listening more to Jones. We know the microscope is always on the Quarterback. At this point, Jones has outplayed his opponent, yet the Giants have three wins. Jones outplayed, Carr, Darnold, Mahomes, Heinekke, Winston, and Ryan.

Jones has been pushing a rock uphill since he arrived. A bad receiving group and a below-average offensive line…and that was before the injuries. Does Coach Judge believe this is the best way to attack the opponent? Win by not trying to lose? The Quarterback position is arguably the most vital position on the roster equated to winning. So why would Jones be designated to be “following along”.

The Quarterback, who is also trying to win over the fans and management could be exactly what this stagnant offense needs…PERSPECTIVE!