I don’t usually go to pre-season games.  I frequently extend the tickets to friends who would like to take a family member.

Thursday night I went to the game and brought my daughter to her first game.   We had a great time and I found myself engaged as I tried to explain in detail the players, their jobs, their jersey numbers, and the bare bones of the game that a 12-year-old could digest.

Recap of what I saw and what happened Saturday:

* Ryan Nassib – on the roster

Nassib has not developed as a QB.  He has very little field awareness, rarely steps up in the pocket and only moves if it’s a designed play.  Watching him throw the same deep sideline route 5 times to an un-open receiver, speaks volumes he still thinks this is college.  ie: Chuck it up and someone will grab it…sorry not in NFL.  It could be from lack of overall playing time but he looks bad.

* The offensive line – Gettis, Farrell and Seymour were cut

They really need some help here and we can only hope Beatty has something left in the tank as he will be pushed to start at one of the tackle positions.  In 2011 the Giants plugged in Kevin Boothe and he performed nicely at Guard and Center.  I don’t know if there are players out there like that, but the Giants needs some maulers to open up holes for a running game.  At this point the Giants have zero push from the line and being one-dimensional is not good.

I am not sure Flowers is a left tackle, it’s very obvious that Bobby Hart is not…even though he made the team.   Gettis was cut, Brett Jones on the other hand showed he could scrap playing guard and center, saving him a roster spot.

Defensive backs – McFadden, Hunter, Deayon, Currie and Adams were cut

I question why Bennett Jackson was cut because Leon McFadden and Michael Hunter are not good NFL players and were cut yesterday.  Maybe BJAX is still working through injuries.  Leon Hall is expected back this week and should factor in a slot corner with Trevin Wade making the team.  Hall has more skill, Wade is much younger.  The Giants might be a little thin a safety if rookie Thompson is not cleared to play.

Defensive Tackles -Nix and Cudjo cut

There are some good DT on this squad and the Giants decided to go with Hughes, then cut him for a Miami cast off.  While Nix is playing some good football, surprising he and Jermelle Cudjo were cut.  I am not sure why Cudjo didn’t stick,  especially since Spags is familiar with him from his St. Louis days.

*  Wide Receivers – Anthony Dable, Darius Powe and Davis cut

OBJ, Shep, Cruz, and Harris will be the Gmen’s starting four receivers. We probably would’ve guessed that going into camp if Cruz stayed healthy. Tavarres King made this team as did Roger Lewis.   The Giants opted for speed and play-making ability, cutting Geremy Davis.   This is very unlike Reese, but a good move as Davis contributed nothing to special teams.

* Linebackers – Brad Bars, Ishaq Williams cut.

How Kelvin Sheppard and JT Thomas made this team…has me baffled. They did nothing to impress.  JT Thomas has been injured for most of his time here with the Giants and looked terrible Thursday night missing tackles and looking containment numerous times.