by Craig J. Santucci @NYGiantsRush

The Giants vs Jets pre-season game is very much a sleeper. It’s the first preseason game that will be filled with guys on the bubble trying to make the roster.

However, what you will see is a different New York Giants team. This team is younger and faster. You will get a glimpse of potential star players and possibly a franchize Quarterback. This team, like great Giants teams before them, have been told by the fans and talking heads everywhere that they suck.

They don’t suck. They are young and inexperienced. Every ounce of this organization is trying to overcome the last regimes decade of mistakes. The Giants are like a car, that has been run into the ground. Everything needs to be fixed, but your cash flow says…one piece at a time. They have been trying to overcome the former GM’s glaring neglect and it shows.

Last year’s Giants showed off an all-world back (Barkley), a defensive lineman (Hill) that flashed some Leonard Marshall like skill, an offensive guard that stepped in the starting role from camp and never looked back and outside linebacker (Zo) that might just bring the word “pass rush” back into style.

Who you won’t see:

The Giants play the Jets tonight and most likely you “wouldn’t” or “shouldn’t” see Manning, Barkley, Shepard, Solder, Ogletree and a few others. But in tonight’s game, you will see the future of the New York Giants.

It’s just preseason, but this year brings so many pivotal players you might want to take a peek at your television. These athletes are the players your kids will grow up watching and will give you a good sense of the progress being made.

Tonight is just the next step in making this “machine” better after years of driving the car into the asphalt.

Players to watch: Jones, Peppers, Baker, Love, Lawrence, Connelly, McIntosh, Slayton, Conrad and White Jr.