The Giants play the Dallas Cowboys at 4:25pm Sunday, then they hit the road to play Drew Brees and the Saints and Jamesis Winston and the Tampa Bay Bucs.  

Beating the Cowboys on Sunday is vital for the Giants if they are going to stay relevant in the NFC and a bounce back game is very necessary.  Surprisingly, Giants have shown you flashes of dominance, just never all at one time.  If the Giants are ever going to show you a complete performance…it should be now.

Tony Romo is out.  Dez Brant is out and we know that Demarco Murray plays for the Eagles, so what is the problem?

That’ an easy question to answer…Jason Witten.  

For starters…Witten shines on the big stage and it doesn’t matter that he’s old, slow and injured, he owns the Giants.  As much has Devin Unga makes the dramatic play and has a nose for the football, his inability to slow the game down costs the Giants every third down play.   He runs right by the Tight End or lets the Running Back execute a perfect wheel route across the middle and up the sideline. 

If Steve Spagnuolo can take away Witten, he will be showing the world why the Giants brought him back to clean up one the NFL’s doormat defenses.  Jason Witten is a force against the Giants and rarely gets shut down.  Over the last 7 seasons he has caught almost 80% of the balls thrown at him for 9 TDS.  

With Matt Cassel starting at quarterback, the Giants defensive backs, especially Brandon Meriweather who will drawn the seam route coverage, should have a good day. Cassel was never a stellar quarterback for the Chiefs or the Vikings, but did manage to hold the fort down in 2008 for an injured Tom Brady and the Patriots.  The Cowboys found him gritty enough to trade a 7th round pick to Buffalo for his serves.

Shutting Witten down will be the key in forcing Cassel to make mistakes.  It’s much easier for a “back up” quarterback who becomes a starter to make the Tight End (Wittten) his best friend.

Jason Witten stats vs. the Giants

2015 – 8 targ | 9 rec .| 60 yds. | 2 TD

2014 – 8 targ | 6 rec. | 57 yds. | 1 TD

2013 – 16 targ | 12 rec. | 107 yads. |  4 TDS

2012 – 26 targ | 20 rec. | 177 yds. | 0 TDs

2011 – 13 targ | 10 rec. | 81 yds. | 0 TDS

2010 – 15 targ | 10 rec. | 102 yds. | 1 TD

2009 – 24 targ | 19 rec. | 189 yds. | 1 TD

7 seasons = 110 targ | 86 rec. | 773 yards | 9 TDS