Trading star wide receiver Hakeem Nicks is a mistake.

The rumors that New York Giants will be putting Hakeem Nicks on the trading block is gaining momentum.   This will be a monumental mistake for the franchise.


For starters, this decision to trade Hakeem Nicks should not be a “make up” for past Jerry Reese mistakes.  It has become very clear that the New York Giants are depleted of talent on both sides of the ball and because the last few Jerry Reese drafts have been colossal flops, the New York Giants need to restock.

With the recent loss to the Bears, the Giants brass has moved on to toward 2014; however, next year’s draft has already been comprised with less picks from past Jerry Reese transactions.

In comes Hakeem Nicks in a contract year.


Hakeem Nicks was a first round draft pick in 2009.  Nicks was one of eight high-profile wide receivers in that draft class that included, Jermey Maclin, Mike Wallace, Michael Crabtree, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Kenny Britt, Percy Harvin and Mohamed Massaquoi.

Even with a handful of injuries he has outperformed them all.  Purely from a talent stand point he is in a class by himself when looking at NY Giant wide receivers throughout the history of Big Blue, yet the New York Giants are considering using their 2nd most productive and talented player for trade bait.

Career 61 280 482 4,168 14.9 68 27


Nicks and Cruz belong together.  These two superstars feed off each other.  In the 2011 post season No.88 has 28 receptions for 444 yards and 4 TD’s. While Nicks had an average NFC Championship game with 55 yards, Cruz dominated with 142 yards against Green Bay.

Nicks returned the favor on the big stage for 109 yards & 13 catches in biggest game of the year.  He dominated the Superbowl.  Cruz had 4 catches for 25 yards…but scored a vital touchdown.

When Nicks went down last year with an injury he missed the last two games.   In those two games vs. Baltimore & Philadelphia Victor Cruz had 21 yards vs Baltimore and 52 yards vs the Eagles. The point is these guys work TOGETHER.  Trading Nicks makes this offense come to a screeching halt.

Nicks as a first round draft pick produced right from the start in 2009 with 800 yards & 6 Touchdowns and two 100 yard games. Fans have heard so much about Rueben Randle being “pro ready” why is it so easy to take him off the field.   Nicks never came off the field.

Wilson is already a project due to the bad line and Rueben can’t make the big play “deep” down field.  Outside of the two catches against Philadelphia, Randle has been pedestrian.   Myers is terrible in every fashion and Murphy has 1 catch over 6 games. Without Hakeem Nicks the offense can not stretch the field.

Nicks is a fan favorite.   I believe that outside of the salsa king, Victor Cruz and Eli, Hakeem Nicks is the 3rd most popular player on the team.  There are many dominate teams with two mega star wide receivers, so why can’t the Giant find away to pay Nicks and retool this team.

Over the past 15 years, The Cowboys, the Falcons, the Packers, the Eagles, the Patriots, The Colts, the Rams,  and the Saints have all figured it out.   All of these teams are playoffs teams and some are multi Super Bowl winners.  Next year Webster is gone, Snee should retired, Beatty and Rolle will have to restructure, Baas and Diehl will be put out to pasture. Tuck will have to go to year to year.

Either way…This franchise should not trade Hakeem Nicks.  He produces, he creates miss matches with many teams, he has a connection with Eli and the fans love him.  He stepped in for Plaxico Burress and never missed a beat.

If you think the 0-6 New York Giants are bad now…wait until Eli has to depend on Jernigan and Murphy to make plays.  The fans also have given up…why keep him if he’s going walk?   GREAT TEAMS get their superstars paid.  

Salary Cap goes up.  Money come off the books.

It’s just not fair to the fans or the franchise.  Find another way. The Patriots, the 49ers and the Ravens have been mentioned as possible trade teams.

Craig J Santucci | Senior Editor NY Giants Rush