The purge has begun.

At 4pm this past Friday cornerback Corey Webster and Tight End Brandon Myers had their contract options…voided.

Webster, was player who did have a handful of very good plays through out his tenure; however, never lived up to the hype.  He was often torched by good receivers and from tackling was not in his game.   Last year he basically stole money from the Giants by appearing in only two games.

His best overall season is debatable.   In 2008 he had 51 tackles, 3 interceptions and 24 passes defended.   In 2011 Webster had 50 tackles, 6 interceptions and 17 passes defended.  In 2012 Webster had another typical average year, yet when Outside Football completely analysed Webster’s numbers, he ranked 7th from the bottom in yards per catch and yards after the catch.  Sadly this move came three years too late.

Will the real tight end please stand up?

The signing of Tight End Brandon Myers from the Oakland Raiders had many people including me signing Jerry Reese praise. Wow did everyone get this wrong.  Turns out Myers could not block, nor could he read a defense nor could he catch the football on a consistence basis.

Nothing was more apparent that Myers was not the right guy when he came up small against the Broncos in week two. Yes, he caught six passes but when the Giants needed him and Eli rifled him a perfect pass in open space for what looked like a touchdown, until he fell to ground with no one around him.   It looked like Myers had been shot by a sniper from the rooftop.

The Giants former tight end will also be remembered for not making a big catch in the Bears game where a high pass from Eli went off his hands and into the hands of the defender.   The pick…went for a touchdown the other way.

Myers clearly wasn’t made out to play in a big offense, with a big time quarterback, in a big city with high expectations!

Craig J. Santucci – Managing Editor 

@Craig Santucci