by Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor

Using the eye-ball test…would you say the New York Giants offense looks better?


In 2014 the new offense under 1st year coordinator Ben McAdoo has improved drastically, highlighted by the efficient play of Eli Manning.  Manning seems to have found a groove with Beckham, Parker and Donnell.  His 13 interceptions are 50% lower than 26 he threw last year.

Even with out Cruz, McAdoo has made the offense creative and fun to watch.  The biggest difference I notice is that he understands when the opposing defense can’t stop a play…he calls it again.  Unlike Gilbride who refused to run the most successful plays in the game plan to frequently in fear of…well who knows why?

I love the fact that McAdoo understands the premise of the “hot hand”.   If a defense can’t stop Williams…give him the ball.   If the defense can’t cover Beckham throw it to him again and again.

The Giants have a long road to becoming a playoff team and this off-season promises to be exciting.  Questions will loom over the defense highlighted by the futures of JPP, Beason, Rolle, Herzlich and Thurmond.

The offense has an extremely high ceiling with Donnell, Jennings, Pugh, Fells, Williams, Beckham, Richburg and Washington.  Parker might be on the outside looking in when it comes to receptions; however, Parker is a fantastic returner and should make this team on special teams talent alone.

Randle?   Unless something changes I don’t see Randle around in 2015.  The talent is there; however, his play is spotty at best.   I sit in the lower bowl for home games and I am fortunate to watch Randle up close.  The fact is the player has little desire to be great.  His release off the line is flat-out lazy, he refuses to challenge defensive backs in any aspect of the game and does little to create separation when running routes.

McAdoo will have plenty to work with in 2015 and should be a staple to return with Tom Coughlin.  One “top of the market” free agent guard and a healthy Cruz and this offense is going places.