By Michael Stewart @TheTruthNYG

The Giants host the Las Vegas Raiders (5-2) who have won their last two games since the resignation of Head Coach Jon Gruden. Despite showing effort over the last two weeks, the Giants season is sputtering downward with a 2-6 record. There is no sign of hope in sight as they enter their bye week after this game. This season the Giants have found many different ways to lose games, so how can they actually win?

Top 5 ways the Giants could steal a win

  •  Daniel Jones-VS-Derek Carr: Both teams will rely heavily on their Quarterbacks as both Daniel Jones and Derek Carr have carried their respective teams for the most part this season. This game could very well come down to the performance of their Quarterback, so it would be vital for Jones to perform just as well or better than Carr in this game.
  • Giants Defense-VS-Raiders Offense: The Giants defense will be tested; especially their secondary as the Raiders offense is ranked 2nd in the NFL in passing; averaging 307 yards through the air. In order for the Giants secondary to keep the Raiders passing game at bay is for the Giants defensive front 7 to put pressure on Derek Carr and disrupt his timing and rhythm forcing un-advised throws. It appears that three key offensive weapons for the Raiders (Henry Ruggs (DUI-released), Darren Waller, Josh Jacobs) will miss this game; which should give the Giants defense a better chance to win.
  • Giants Offense-VS-Raiders Defense: The Giants will more than likely still be without the services of two of their most lethal weapons offensively in Running Back Saquon Barkley and Wide Receiver Kenny Golladay; also Sterling Shepard could be a scratch as well. Therefore; offensive coordinator Jason Garrett must come up with a solid offensive game plan that should feature Kadarius Toney with a heavy dose of vertical plays. Also, Garrett should utilize his tight ends a lot more in his game.
  • Big Play Opportunities: Both offenses lack a running game, so it makes sense that big play opportunities are a key to success for both teams in this game. Daniel Jones is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL in passes over 20 yards and the Giants must open up the playbook and throw caution to the wind against the Raiders. Derek Carr likes to stretch the field as well and the Giants secondary better be at high alert or they will get burned.
  • Red Zone/3rd Down Conversions:   The Giants actually moved up in this department from last week; if that’s even possible and are now 31st in the league with a 47.83% in the red zone offensively. The Raiders are sitting at 61.54% thus far offensively, but defensively the Raiders surrender roughly 83% in the red zone; compared to the Giants allowing 58%.  In 3rd down conversions, both teams are hovering near the bottom half of the league with the Raiders sitting at 40% conversion and the Giants at 38.1%.

The Giants have a shorten week heading into this game and the Raiders are coming off their bye week, so advantage should go to the Raiders in that respect. With both teams lacking offensive production due to injuries and the Raiders having a distraction regarding Henry Ruggs DUI; which led to his release.

I expect to see a low scoring affair with both teams struggling to run the ball and finding the end zone. This could be a game decided in the final minutes, but in the end it’s hard to have the confidence with the Giants. Look for the Giants to find another way to lose this game and go 2-7 heading into their bye week. Final Score: Raiders 17/Giants-13