Despite another bad loss where the Giants offense was anemic some things still shine bright…and that is the play of Odell Beckham Junior.

I was 100% wrong when I said Beckham would have a lost season due to injuries and time missed with the 1st team offensive unit; however, No. 13 comes as advertised.   It is obvious that Beckham wants to be the best and frankly his on the field play backs up why the Giants drafted him in the 1st round.

His 37 yard circus catch from Eli Manning on the sideline this past weekend showcased the talent that is Odell Beckham Jr. and yes, the rookie has a very high ceiling.  Giants fans have not been this excited about a player since Jeremy Shockey was taken in the first round from the University of Miami.

Offensive Coordinator, Ben McAdoo is utilizing him all over the field.   Short to medium size routes to motion in the back field to the end zone fade.

At this pace OBJ is a candidate for rookie of the year.

2014 Regular Season 31 463 14.9 3