by Craig Santucci @NYGiantsRush

Football is fun again. With just three wins and a much-needed victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, the Giants fans are smiling again. There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel and an overwhelming feeling the New York Giants have turned the corner.

Whether that happens or not…right now there is meaningful football in November & December and people are smiling once again. The conversation is around complimentarty football and pieces to add in 2021.

Humans are funny how emotionally connected they are to their football teams. Families and friends making memories gathering around the TV or a phone stream as they watch their son’s flag football game or daughter’s field hockey game.

And as the rest of the world is being shut down again and anger is soon to be on the rise, the New York Giants are being built by a guy who was given little chance to succeed. And sometimes the underdog…given an opportunity to win…does just that. Joe Judge is standing tall against all those who say he couldn’t do it, those who said practicing in the rain and running laps was a brutally bad idea.

It’s only three wins, but real New York Giants football fans remember Parcells and Coughlin built winners from nothing. Some would say that Joe Judge has less talent than both of them.

Thank you coach for working with every position group, hiring Patrick Graham, and Jason Garrett, and most of all not giving up on a guy named Daniel Jones.

NFC East Division Winner fever has taken over; however, even if this team finds a way to lose the rest of their games in 2020, nothing will change the fact that New York Giants played an entire season without the most dynamic running back in the league, without their star in the making, safety, Xavier McKinney, their number one and their number two pass rusher, Zo Carter and Oshane Ximines, and a guy named Crowder who refuses to go away.

This team has a fire burning inside them to be better..and I am thankful.