Who can play better:  Film Session 101

Film Session: Brad Wing

The season has finally begun, the Giants start 1-0 (undefeated since I started writing for, but no big deal) and I introduce you to my new weekly piece…Film Session. We always support the New York Giants; however, there will be weeks that players have bad games…win or lose.

Film Session will breakdown and highlight who came up short in the game and why. The team and fans have high expectations so, in this all original piece, I will take the time to breakdown who under performed and what the player needs to do help this team win.

For this week: Punter Brad Wing.

The entire team could have played better; however, the Giants improved as the game went on making some efficient halftime adjustments.  Which brings me to Brad Wing. Since replacing Steve Weatherford, Wing has been a great punter for the Giants.  This Sunday in Dallas, Wing did nothing to help the team with field position.  He had 5 punts, 3 of which went for touch-backs, never really giving his gunners a chance to down the ball within the twenty yard line.

Wing could have helped the Giants out, especially late in the fourth quarter with a directional kick to pin the Cowboys deep in their own territory. It was fourth and one, a first down puts the game away. Coach Ben McAdoo said in his post-game presser his decision to punt was based on one of Wing’s strengths, being to able to pin opponents deep in their own territory…so what happened?

Wing could have sealed the Cowboys fate, making a game winning field goal next to impossible by doing what he does seemingly once a game. Instead Wing boomed a punt that landed about 4 yards deep in the end zone for one of his three touchbacks of the game.

Thankfully those extra yards would not go on to make a difference thanks to DRC keeping Terrance Williams in bounds on the last play of the game.  If Wing makes an appropriate kick, all the extra drama is avoided, forcing rookie quarterback Dak Prescott to start in the shadow of his own goalpost.

I’d say starting the season with a win over the Cowboys and having my first ever featured Film Session piece, on…the punter is certainly a good place to start.

Lots of room for McAdoo and the boys to improve going into week two.  Lets hope they come out firing next week against Drew Brees and the Saints.  Stay tuned for more Film Sessions.

Tom Peticca (@peticca95)