Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor

Our good friend Art Stapleton has reported that Damontre Moore will NOT be participating in off-season works for the Giants until May.

This is a clear sign that his NFL career with the Giants is getting shorter.   The defensive end has been slow to develop into the dynamic pass rusher the New York Giants once thought he would be after drafting him in the 3rd round of the 2013 NFL draft.  Moore is finishing up classes at Texas A&M in stead of participating in the program designed by his employer.

Education is wonderful and the key to his future; however, one would have to ask if he put the extra time into football how good could this kid be?   He has also many opportunities to take classes in the off season…the choice to let it interfere with his job is concerning, especially with a new defensive coordinator running the show.  I am sure Steve Spanuolo was looking forward to opening the season with all his players as it has also been reported that he wants every one to come into this season with there eyes wide open and ready for change.

Look for the New York Giants to draft a Defensive End in the NFL draft…a defensive end that is focused on football and showing his employer that his goal is to get better each and every year.