Just when you get a breath of fresh air as the NY Giants hire Ben McAdoo from the Green Bay Packers, the Giants pull off another bone head move that leaves you scratching your head.

The Giants have hired Craig Johnson as their new running backs coach. This seems rather flawed to me on many fronts.  For starters Craig Johnson has been the “quarterback” coach of the Titans and Vikings 9 out of the last 11 years and the last time I checked the Quarterbacks on those two teams flat-out stink.

Secondly, is his lack of modern-day experience.  Before his one year(2009-2010) stint as a running backs coach in Tennessee the last time Craig Johnson coached running backs was in 1988 with Rutgers.  That’s 26 year ago!

Lastly, Coach Johnson will be 54 this March.    Did Tom feel that he needed to balance out the hiring of 36 year old Ben McAdoo with the 53 year old Johnson?   Once again, sticking a round peg in a square hole.

Coughlin stated that Johnson’s philosophy focused on blocking and ball security?  Well, isn’t that convenient, just what the Giants needed to fix.  If I told Coach Coughlin that I don’t believe in throwing 27 interceptions, would I be taking snaps under center this year?   I am confident that coach Johnson is a professional, but Andre Brown and company needed a difference maker.

Why do the NY Giants always have to go for the stretch pick?   In a year of change, Johnson is more of the same.

Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor