Posted by Michael Stewart | NY Giants Rush Contributor

Should the Giants Consider C. J Spiller?

The New York Giants and RB C. J Spiller have been linked together for the past year. Back in the off-season of 2014, rumors of the Giants interested in Spiller after Peyton Hillis (ankle) and David Wilson (neck) sustain injuries.

The Giants instead opted to sign FA Rashad Jennings and drafted Andre Williams (4th round) out of Boston College. Fast forward to now; with what has transpired in 2014 (injuries to Rashad Jennings) and the lack of depth behind Williams; should the Giants add Spiller into the fold. Before I answer that question, let’s show a tale of the tape between the 3 RB’s mentioned:

                       Games | Attempts | Yards | Att/G |    TD | Rec |  Yards | TD
C. J. Spiller:    70          688             3,321    5.0           12    158      1,195     6

Spiller’s best season was in 2012 when he rushed for 1,244 yards (6.0 per carry). Since then, Spiller has been hampered with injuries and his production indicates that. Spiller will be 28 entering the 2015 season and many believe his better years are behind him (including myself). Another factor is that Spiller is a horrible blocker and the Giants require their backs to be more diversified.

                                  Games   | Attempts | Yards | Att/G  | TD | Rec Yards  |TD
Rashad Jennings:      64            544           2,316   4.2 17      127        972           0

Overall it appears that Spiller has had a more successful career thus far in the NFL than Jennings. However; the big question is? Is Spiller on the decline or does Jennings still have a couple of more productive years ahead of him despite being 29 years old. Consider this fact: Jennings despite his age, does not have the wear and tear that Spiller has due to limited playing time during his early years in the NFL.

                                  Games | Attempts | Yards |  Att/G | TD | Rec Yards | TD
Andre William:           16         217         721       3.3    7     18            37              0

Williams 1st season in the NFL was not spectacular, however; it was impressive enough to have hope.

If you calculate Williams numbers based on his 1st season to that of Spiller and Jennings. The numbers would be very similar.
Here is my take on this topic; the last thing the Giants need is another RB with a history of injuries and one currently approaching the back-end of his career.

Spiller might have been a good fit for the Giants 3 or 4 years back, but not now. As for Jennings, the book is still open on him as we should allow him another season to show his talents that OC Ben McAdoo has envisioned for him in the Giant’s offense. Another option on Jennings could be that the Giants release him; which would cost them $1,687.500 in dead money and save them $1,125.000 towards the cap. Williams should only get better and perhaps enough to be considered the featured back over the next couple of years.

I believe the Giants should consider adding another RB into the mix and if the Giants feel that the need for another RB would benefit this team, obviously they would have four options:

Option 1: Draft-Through rounds 5-7 if a RB is available that has possibly slipped a bit. I would consider selecting one.

Option 2: Free Agency-If the draft doesn’t offer the RB they’re looking for, consider free agency with a UFA RB that won’t break the bank.

Option 3: Waiver Wire-Often times a player of ability gets released by his respective team and becomes available at the end of pre-season. The Giants could find a solid RB in this case that will supply depth not only at RB, but also possibly on special teams.

Option 4: Undrafted RB’s- Finally, we have RB’s that are not drafted and become undrafted free agents. The NFL is full on these players who are solid contributors to their team.

Final Thought: Of the 4 options, I would be more inclined to choose option 1 (Draft) and find that RB through the later rounds (5-7) first or search for the undrafted RB’s (Option 4) as my secondary option. The ideal RB would be one who can contribute on offense and also on special teams.