by Spiro Kasabian @nyspawtsguy_spi

Joe Judge is quickly starting to assemble his coaching staff for the New York Giants.  The Giants are set to hire former Miami Dolphin and New England Patriot coaches, Patrick Graham and Jerry Schuplinski.  Graham will be taking over Defensive Coordinator duties, while Schuplinski will be Daniel Jones’ new Quarterback Coach.

Both coaches have ties to Joe Judge during their stints with the New England Patriots.  Judge seems to value teachers and smart coaches, and by all reports, both Graham and Schuplinski fit the mold.  Miami Dolphin coach, Brian Flores, has now fired or let go of most of his coaching staff, following a year where most would say the Dolphins greatly overachieved.  It is an odd turn of events, with Graham and Schuplinski jumping ship to join another former Patriot’s staff in Joe Judge up in New York.

Let’s look at each coach’s resume:

Patrick Graham

  • Linebackers Coach for Patriots in (2011, 2014-2015) & Packers (2018)
  • Defensive Line Coach for the Patriots (’12-’13) & the Giants (’16-’17)
  • Miami Dolphin Defensive Coordinator (2019)
  • Yale graduate
  • Runs primarily a 3-4 scheme but will use multiple fronts at times

Jerry Schuplinski

  • Patriots Offensive Assistant (2013-2015)
  • Patriots Assistant QB Coach (2016-2018)
  • Dolphins Assistant QB Coach (2019)
  • Developed Jacoby Brissett & Jimmy Garappolo in New England

As fans, it is tough to get too excited about these hires, as there is not a ton of information or experience from either coach to point towards.  What we do know is that Bill Belichick saw something in these gentlemen to warrant having them on his staff for several years.  Schuplinski has had a major hand in developing two young QB talents in Jacoby Brissett and Jimmy Garappolo.  Both quarterbacks have gone on to become starters in the NFL after leaving the Patriots.

 Graham called defensive plays for the Dolphins, who were totally devoid of talent after trading and releasing any talented players from their roster to tank for the 2020 draft.  While the Dolphins defense did not perform particularly well, they were not the total disaster that their defensive roster would have suggested they would be.  Graham has promised to be flexible with his schemes, with his “base” being a 3-4 defense.

The Giants have also signed former Ole Miss Defensive Line coach Freddie Roach to take the same position.  The Offensive Line coach and Offensive Coordinator hires will be very important for Joe Judge to round out his staff.  Giant fans are hoping for some big-name veterans that have extensive NFL experience, as that is something these early hires seem to be lacking.