by Michael Basile @mdoublejb

What I see:

The Giants defense keeps them competitive but they struggle on 3rd downs and ultimately can’t make key stops when they absolutely NEED them

The QB is good for 1-2 turnovers a game whether they’re his fault or not they are still sure to happen

They have zero difference makers on offense and Jones running is the only chance they have to move the ball

The offensive coordinator can’t help himself, he has to call a giveaway play, or nothing strategic at all.

When the opponents gain momentum and mount their comebacks, the refs decide to make ticky tack calls and we never get any significant breaks from the refs in the most crucial crunch times 

Their first round pick LT looks like he’s never played football before, I get that it was a shortened preseason and he’s young but the fact is he’s been a disaster to this point

Will Hernandez was way better as a rookie and is now in his 3rd year

Our former first-round Tight End pick drops a game-winning pass and the season slips through his fingers as some practice squad running back for Eagles catches the winning touchdown

Joe Judge I do think has the makings of a good head coach it’s just unfortunate that his first job is for the worst organization in all of sports

John Mara is clueless

Steve Tisch is worse than John Mara

Dave Gettleman inherited a garbage roster, but the good players he’s brought in haven’t made a difference in the win column

When will help arrive?