Playoffs a distant hope:  But the Giants have Eli Apple


The Giants were bad and against Dallas.

The Giants were bad against Detroit.

They were not bad against the Eagles…yes, they made a ton of costly mistakes; however for the first time this season the Giants put forth a full team effort.   They showed some fight.  I applaud McAdoo for making some changes and in today’s “ego” driven NFL, changes rarely get made.  Winners make changes and Losers tell you they will “do better next week”.

Right from the first series it was noticeable.  Three step drops from Eli and quick passes. How about that “no huddle offense”…a successful tactical move by Coach McAdoo.

However, he counteracts that great new wrinkle by having Paul Perkins run the ball.   The offensive line does not open holes and in full transparency…Paul Perkins does not look like an NFL running back.   He just does not have any explosion.   Sullivan needs to stop putting him in the game over Darkwa (injured).  And if Darkwa is now injured for some time, Shane Vereen needs to get 12 to 15 carries a game.  Perkins cuts are slow, and he runs directly into contact with little pile moving impact.   In other words…he’s a bit of dead weight behind Eli.

The defense looked great with Jenkins back on the field, then Philadelphia realized No. 24 was on the field.  Eli Apple might develop into a great corner someday, but right now…he is a one man wrecking machine.   The 1st round pick from Ohio State has not shown any elite skills.  He “never” looks back for the ball.  It’s time for him to sit and figure it out.

Receivers are constantly stopping short allowing Apple to run right past them or he is trailing from behind.  He gives up a ton of coverage along the sideline, draws a ton of penalties and frankly he cost the Giants the game today.  I expect him to ride the pines moving forward.  In fact…let him play specials.  His quote, “I was trying to bait the Quarterback” is just stupid.  Make a play, the game is over.

The return game is non-existent.   Harris gets paid handsomely for knowing the difference between a fair catch and not a fair catch.  Christmas…that was a complete waste of an opportunity.

Odell Beckham took some time to warm up, but when he did he was explosive and dynamic. His first touchdown was at the back of the end zone as the ball sailed high he pulled it down as the DB tried to shove him out.   The second TD grab Manning dropped the ball into the corner  over the DB’s head perfectly.  Those two can be deadly when on the same page.  And of course…it couldn’t be a fantastic return of Beckham without some childish antics that drew a 15 yard penalty. Helping the team win does not count taking penalties.

This “look at me” garbage happened with Shockey, it ruined Chad Johnson and it prevents Terrell Owens from entering the Hall of Fame.   People just grow tired of it.  But the good news is…it did not cost them the game.

On the other hand, John Jerry’s stunt of holding the Defensive Tackle from exiting the field was just moronic.   How is Eli Manning stuck with these dopes.   Flowers, Hart and Jerry all wrapped together couldn’t buy you a pack of gum.  Yet, Jerry Reese decided not to improve the NFL’s bottom dwelling rushing attack.

Did Reese use one of those “Magic Eight Balls” when preparing this off-season.  Even when the line plays good they still manage to mess it up..nice job John Jerry.  The only reason the Offensive Line looked was that No. 10 was getting rid of the ball in 1.8 seconds.