By Michael Stewart/@golferbad

Introduction: This has been an ongoing debate this off season for Giant fans and the New York sports writers; should or will Dave Gettleman trade back in the 1st round? In his 7 seasons as a GM with Carolina and New York, Gettleman has never traded back in the 1st round. The 2020 NFL draft could be different for Gettleman as he will have a new Head Coach in Joe Judge collaborating in the decision making and let’s face it, this is a make or break year for Gettleman as he survived the firing squad that saw Pat Shurmur lose his job and eventually most of the Giants coaching staff.  

There are a handful of teams that are reportedly looking for their next franchise quarterback (Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Chargers, Carolina Panthers, Las Vegas Raiders, Indianapolis Colts and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers). Sitting at #4, it’s been reported that prospects such as OLB Isaiah Simmons, OT’s Tristan Wirfs, Andrew Thomas, Jedrick Wills, Mecki Beaton and WR Jerry Jeudy among others will still available for the Giants. If the Giants were to trade back with Miami (5th spot), Los Angeles (6th spot) or even Carolina (7th spot) all these prospects could still be on the board as these three teams are reportedly looking to possibly draft a quarterback; most notably Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert. Here’s the catch, the Detroit Lions could be the wild card team here as rumors has them considering trading back as well. If so, the Giants pick could be even more valuable as projected, especially if a team other than the Dolphins or the Chargers decides to make the move.

Let’s take a look at the list of teams to see what they could offer the Giants if they decide to trade up: Ranging from Extreme possible trading partners, long shot trading partners and a possible dark horse trading partner.

Extreme Possibility

  • Miami Dolphins  (5th overall): The Dolphins have Ryan Fitzpatrick signed for 2020, so it would make sense to draft their franchise quarterback and have him learn behind Fitzpatrick and possibly replace him midway through the season or in 2021. If Miami feels strongly that one quarterback prospect grades much higher than the other and teams behind are showing interest in trading up, they could pull the trigger and trade down with the Giants or with Detroit. So what would it take to trade down with to the Giants? Well considering that we’re talking about a franchise quarterback here, it’s going to cost the Dolphins and little more:
  • 5th overall pick, 2020 2nd round pick (#39) and a 2021 2nd round pick.
  • Los Angeles Chargers (6th overall): The Chargers are moving on from Philip Rivers and look to be interested in signing a QB (short term) and also drafting their next franchise quarterback.  If the Chargers also have a preference between Herbert or Tagovailoa, then they will also be aggressive and offer a big package with either the Lions or the Giants. Here’s what it would take to trade up to the Giants:
  • 6th overall pick, 2020 2nd round pick (#37), 2020 4th round pick (#109) and a 2021 2nd round pick.
  • Caroline Panthers (7th overall): With new Head Coach Matt Rhule on board and an aggressive owner in David Tapper, the Panthers have changed their stance on trading quarterback Cam Newton for now, so they could still be considered. The Panthers would need to sweeten the pot a little for the Giants or the Lions to move back three or four spot. Here’s what it would take to trade up to the Giants:  
  • 7th overall pick, 2020 2nd round pick (#38), 2020 4th round pick (#110) and a 2021 2nd and 3rd round picks.

Extreme Long Shots

  • Las Vagas Raiders (12th/19th overall): The Raider would really need to fall in love with either Tagovailoa or Herbert to move up 8 spots and the Giants would need to get blown away with a package to move back 8 spots as this would more than likely eliminate any chance of drafting any of the early projected prospects. The Raiders improved in 2019 and the Raiders still have many holes to fill in the roster. After the dust clears, I expect the Raiders to hold onto Derek Carr and keep their picks and not trade up:
  • Indianapolis Colts (13th overall): The Colts don’t seem content with Jacoby Brissett and there’s already rumors of Philip Rivers as a possible replacement. Another candidate could be free agent Teddy Bridgewater. It’s unlikely the Colts would package a trade if they were to have any of these quarterbacks under center in 2020. They could just sit back and wait at #13 (Jordan Love) or select one in the 2nd round (Tony Eason).
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14th overall): The Buccaneers have indicated that they might place the franchise tag on quarterback Jameis Winston or they could pursue Rivers or Bridgewater. So would Tampa still consider trading up? Highly unlikely if they sign any of the veteran quarterbacks available. Like the Colts, they can just sit back and let a quarterback fall to them in the draft.

Dark Horse Trading Partner

Jacksonville Jaguars (9th overall): The Jaguars signed Nick Foles last off season, but Foles was lost to a season ending injury early on in 2019. Rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew took over and perform well as a rookie. The Jaguars have made it clear that Nick Foles is available in a trade. It’s unclear how the Jaguars view the 2020 class of quarterbacks or if they believe in Minshew. The Jaguars have options as they could wait until their pick or look for a quarterback in the 2nd round. Anyway, if they have strong convictions on getting a top tier quarterback in this draft; here’s what it would take to trade up to the Giants:

  • 9th overall pick, 2020 2nd and 3rd picks (#42/#73) and a 2021 1st round pick.

Final Thoughts: The consensus has the Cincinnati Bengals selecting quarterback Joe Burrow out of LSU. However; reports from CBS radio awhile back had indicated that Burrow has been seeking advice from former Bengals quarterback Carlson Palmer, so we need to keep an eye on how that transpires. The Washington Redskins are expected to select DE Chase Young with the 2nd overall pick. However; current reports has new Head Coach Ron Rivera showing interest in Tua Tagovailoa and if these reports are true, then don’t expect the Lions sitting at #3 to pass on Young on draft night.  It’s hard to imagine Giants trading back with the Raiders, Colts or the Buccaneers and vice a versa; it would have to be a package of major proportion and I really don’t see it with the current veteran quarterbacks available.  Which team would make the most sense for the Giants to trade back with? Or should Gettleman just stay at #4 and pick the best player available on his board? This is going to be a tough decision for the Giants and Gettleman to make; as a lot is at stake for the Giants and Gettleman’s future.