By Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor

Unless you have Eagles running back Shady McCoy on your fantasy team you probably don’t like the guy, you may even hate the Eagles or city of Philadelphia; however, one thing you can’t hate is Eagles head coach, Chip Kelly.

The second year head coach showed how much this league needs more guys like him not for something he did during the game…but after.

While this may be old news to some, it’s still worth mentioning that after Giants receiver Victor Cruz suffered a devastating knee injury that Sunday Night in Philadelphia, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly displayed nothing but class by visiting Victor Cruz in the hospital as he stayed overnight.

Early Monday morning Kelly checked in to offer support for the Giants star player.  Cruz and Kelly might have crossed paths somewhere between 2005 & 2007 as Kelly coached at the University of New Hampshire…a rival to Cruz and UMASS.

While the Eagles usually garnish a ton of bad press for things that happened over 20 years ago it should be noted that on a Sunday night in October Eagles players and coaches rallied around Cruz showcasing nothing but respect for the player.