Drew vs. Eli: Turnovers will win the game for the Giants

Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking this is going to be a 21 to 23 final outcome.   Brees slings the ball with the best of them and Sunday will be no different.  Eli Manning is not one from shying away from the presence of Drew Brees and is willing to stand toe to toe with him.

This game is about whose defense plays better.  Who’s pass rush is better and whomever wins the turnover war wins the game.

Mark Ingram the Saints man weapon at the running back position stands 5’9″ and weighs in at 215lbs.  Last week against the Raiders, Ingram was kept in check with only 12 carries for 58 yards.   I would expect to see the same if Snacks and Big Hank  have anything to say about it.

That leaves Brees against DRC, Jenkins, Collins, Berhe and Thompson.

That leaves Eli against PJ Williams, Kenny Vaccaro, Delvin Breaux and Jairus   Byrd has always been a very good player.   Early on in his career he was an interception machine; however he has not played much over the last 3 years, missing 15 games over the last two years.

Delvin Breaux has a great story, as neck injury prevented him from playing college football.   His path to the NFL traveled through Arena football and the CFL.   He led the Saints in interception in 2015(3).

Buried on the depth chart for the Saints is one of the league dirtiest and most hated players…Cortland Finnegan.   He is well-traveled over the last 5 years and I am guessing he doesn’t have anything left in the tank because he only played in 5 games for the Panthers in 2015.  He totaled 18 tackles.

The Giants have more talent…but Drew Brees will not go down quietly regardless of who is playing behind him.