What If I told you the Giants were going to draft a QB, a corner, or a Safety in the 1st round in 2022, 2023, and 2024 ignoring the terrible O-line, Crowder, and the pass-rush?

Sounds far-fetched? Most likely it is. But the notion of BPA is just that, a luxury of stockpiling players for the sake of “positional value” This equates to “New Math” and everyone hates new math. The Giants have too many holes to fill to just ignore the pain and hope the team will get better by drafting a bunch of defensive backs. For the most part, the Giants have settled for nice players that fit a scheme, yet the results are still poor every year.

A Decade of Losing:

While everyone is refreshed with a new regime and preaching patience, let’s be honest, that is a front. This fan base wants to win as soon as possible. That was extremely clear when the younger portion of the fan base barked loudly that they want no old players, no former coaches, no retro uniforms associated with the Brian Daboll regime.

This clearly shows they only know one thing and that is losing. They don’t identify with Super Bowl Winning Players or the badass colors and that makes Big Blue. We’ve had a decade of nice players, now it’s time to lead the way with studs that can open holes for Barkley and block for Jones.

What the Giants Need:

My point is, you and I both know that the New York Giants need an Offensive line. Their best offensive lineman, Andrew Thomas underwent ankle surgery last month for the second time in the last two years on the same ankle. While Thomas is expected to recover & be ready for the 2022 season, the Giants will take it slow to avoid any setbacks.

New GM Joe Schoen and Head Coach Brian Daboll have their work cut out for them. Inside the building the new staff is developing a plan, while out here (fanbase)….we clamor for the excitement of the offseason and any moves that bring this team closer to a competitive football team. Cute…is not competitive. Noone is waiting three more years to build a line when Kansas City did it in one.

One thing is certain…you can’t build a winning football team on hope.

This is what hope looks like:

  • Shane Lemiuex – We hope Lemiuex is healthy and that he is ready to compete
  • Nick Gates – We hope he can make a miraculouis comeback after a nasty injury (see Suebert) to win a guard spot
  • Matt Peart – We hope he finds the desire to compete and shows a nasty side that earns him a RT spot
  • Billy Price – We hope he can find the form that made him a No.1 draft pick of the Bengals in 2018

The Offensive line needs to be addressed, fixed, and, PUT TO BED. This can only happen with Plug n’ Play athletes that are smart, nasty, powerful, athletic, and love football. I totally believe the Giants can find late draft picks and UDFA to build depth and if they are lucky…a stater.

The New York Giants and GM Joe Schoen should not be banking on that.

The Pool: Neal, Ekwonu, Penning, Linderbaum, Cross, KGreen, Zion.