By Michael Stewart/@TheTruthNYG

The New York Giants GM Joe Schoen has two 1st round picks (#5/#7) and there has been lots of talk of Schoen looking to trade back with one of those two picks if the right package is available.  In Truth, Joe Schoen could be forced to trade back as those two first-round picks combined total roughly $11.5M in cap hit. The most logical pick to trade back from would be at #5 and currently we could see at least four teams showing enough interest to put a serious package together for either Kenny Pickett or Malik Willis and move up to #5 ahead of the Carolina Panthers who are reportedly looking at quarterback at #6. Let’s take a look at each team and what type of package they could offer: 

  • Atlanta Falcons (8th spot): The Falcons traded quarterback Matt Ryan to the Indianapolis Colts and should be in the market for a quarterback, but are they willing to put together a hefty enough package to leap three spots in the process and develop a quarterback behind newly signed quarterback Marcus Mariota?

 PACKAGE: Atlanta offers their 8th overall pick/2022 5th and a 2023 3rd to move up to #5.

  • Seattle Seahawks (9th spot):  The Seahawks traded future Hall of Famer Russell Wilson to Denver for a boatload of picks, so they certainly have the ammunition to be involved. Despite acquiring quarterback Drew Lock in the Wilson deal, the Seahawks could have Their eye on Malik Willis who has a few similar characteristics of Russell Wilson; which could prompt the Seahawks to give Joe Schoen a call.

PACKAGE: Seattle offers their 9th overall pick/2022 2nd and a 2023 5th to move up to #5.

  • New Orleans Saints (18th spot): The Saints re-signed Jameis Winston (2-year deal), but that shouldn’t prevent them from getting involved in the quarterback sweepstakes. The Saints would be a bigger leap than the first two teams; which would require a better package.

PACKAGE: Saints offer their 18th overall pick/2022 3rd /a 1st and a 5th n 2023.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers (20th spot): The Steelers also signed a quarterback on a 2-year deal by the name of Mitch Trubisky. This move would be similar to the Saints and Atlanta as all three team’s have a Quarterback in place for possibly two years to give a quarterback time to develop at a more reasonable pace. The Steelers would need to make it worth Joe Schoen’s wild to consider moving back 16 spots.

PACKAGE: Steelers offer their 20th overall pick/2022 3rd/2023 1st and a 3rd.

Joe Schoen would certainly be in a position of power if these four team’s come calling. However; Schoen could also find himself in a dilemma if he is overwhelmed with a package and one of the top 2 OT’s are still on the board at #5.  Joe Schoen has been actively looking to trade CB James Bradberry to add more cap salary and draft picks and is willing to eat a portion of Bradberry’s contract to do so.

Another scenario is still on the table and that’s the option of trading RB Saquan Barkley; as Schoen has added two running backs thus far this off-season. Trading these two players would add roughly $20M to the cap, I still believe Schoen could decide to re-structure a few contracts (Bradberry included) to find the cap space needed to sign these draft picks and any other minor moves to complete the roster.