By Michael Stewart @TheTruthNYG

The misery that was the New York Giants 2021 season will be over with their final game today against Washington. Unfortunately; the Giants are no closer to being a playoff contender, in fact; they might have taken a few steps back.  So how can the Giants approach this off-season to turn this franchise around and point in the right direction?

Well, that’s easier said than done as there are many holes to fill on both sides of the ball; so where should they start? In this article, I will break down my top 3 moves the Giants must make to get them on track and become a legitimate contender.

Start from the Top

 The Giants have actually spiraled downward since Gettleman has taken command back in 2018 and the number one promise he made to the fans; never happened. Of course that would be rebuilding the offensive line. When you only use two draft picks in your 1st two drafts (2nd & 7th round) on the offensive linemen, it really doesn’t display the urgency of improving the line does it. The Mara/Tisch brain trust will allow Gettleman to leave on his own terms, as the announcement should be made on Monday after the final game.

In my opinion, it’s imperative that the Giants organization hire a GM from outside the organization and break this tradition of hiring from within; because it’s not working. The new GM might not be able to bring in his own Head Coach as its being reported that Joe Judge will return for his third season, so this could affect worthy candidates. Hopefully; there will be a plentiful of options for the Giants to choose from and the right choice will be made.

Revamp the Giants organizational chart/Daniel Jones

The new GM must reassess the teams scouting department and other areas within the organization that has a direct impact in the decision making with this team. One misconception that has been circulating among the Giants fan base is the inept contribution of Chris Mara as Player Personnel and his immediate dismissal. News flash Giant fans; Chris Mara is not the problem and John Mara is one holding this team back. Unfortunately; as the owner there’s nothing that can be done at this time, so let’s move on from that.        

It’s been reported that Daniel Jones will return for the 2022 season and it will be up to the new GM to give Jones after possible opportunity to succeed by surrounding him talent; especially on the offensive line (more on that later). Jones will still be in his rookie contract and the Giants don’t need to commit to picking up his 5th option in April if they choose to use the wait and see approach. If Jones can turn things around in 2022, the Giants new GM could decide then on whether to offer a multi-year contract to him.  

2022 Draft must be a Slam Dunk

Currently, the Giants will have 9 picks in the upcoming 2022 NFL draft and with many holes needed to fill, plus the limited amount of money in their cap space; the Giants might be able to squeeze out a couple of Free Agent signings as starters. Therefore, hitting it big in this year’s draft could be the most important draft for this franchise in the past decade.

The consensus clearly indicates that the Giants must focus in the trenches on both sides of the ball as their offensive line could only have one returning starter in Left Tackle Andrew Thomas as Nick Gates at this point in time is still an unknown; although current reports have been promising as he recovers from a devastating injury (broken leg) that ended his 2021 season.

So, with that in mind the new GM must focus heavily on getting some big talented bodies in the draft to fill out some of the spots on the offensive line along with possibly adding at least one starter through free agency. The same can be said on the defensive front 7 as the new GM should at the very least add three new faces into the mix on that side of the ball as well. All is not lost Giant fans as many of you who have lived and seen the Giant teams of the 70’s know too well that this team can turn it around. Personally, I seen and suffered through those pathetic Giant teams of the 70’s and also rejoiced throughout the 80’s as well. I am going to remain optimistic and allow the process to come full circle and expect this team to start improving. As Eli Manning so eloquently stated “Once a Giant, always a Giant.

For me only a Giant” well that also holds true for loyal fans like me who will forever live and die a Giants fan.