By Michael Stewart/@TheTruthNYG

The Giants are 4-9 and are now down to their final 4 games of the season, so I thought it would be fun to start tracking where they could finish with their two 1st round picks in this 4-part series.  In my opinion, the final outcome for the Giants will depend on what four other teams do. Currently, The Lions, Texans and Jaguars should and will finish ahead of the Giants in the draft, so we will not focus on them. However, the Jets, Seahawks, Bears and my dark horse the Carolina Panthers will determine where the Giants two picks finish up. Let’s take a look:

  • New York Jets (3-10): The Jets strength of schedule (.502) puts them ahead of the Giants should they finish with the same record. Based on their remaining games (Buccaneers/Bills/Jaguars/Dolphins), the odds makers has the Jets winning just one of those games and finishing at 4-13.
  • Seattle Seahawks (5-8): The Seahawks strength of schedule (.507) would put them ahead of the Giants as well, if they finish with the exact record. The Seahawks remaining games (Cardinals/Rams/Lions/Bears) has them splitting them and finishing with a 7-10 record.
  • Chicago Bears (4-9): The Bears pick if they finished with the same record as the Giants would be ahead of them as their strength of schedule (.518) is weaker. The Bears remaining games (Giants/Seahawks/Minnesota two games) has them projected to win just one game and finishing 5-12.
  • Carolina Panthers (5-8): The Panthers strength of schedule (.509) is also lower than the Giants and if they share the same record; they will finish ahead of them in the draft order. The Carolina Panthers have become my dark horse as no one is mentioning them as finishing with a top 5 pick, but we need to take a closer look. The four remaining games for the Panthers (Bills/Saints/Buccaneers two games) have them projected to win possibly one. However, that one game is away at New Orleans, which is tough for any team, so I’m declaring that they will go winless in their remaining four games and finish at 5-12.
  • New York Giants (4-9): The Giants have the easiest strength of schedule among the other four teams (.532) with their remaining games against (Cowboys/Bears/Washington/Eagles). The odd makers have the Giants possibly winning three of those four games with only Dallas securing a win. In my opinion, the Giants are spiraling downward and despite having two of their last 4 games being at home, I can’t see this team winning anymore games; especially if Daniel Jones is gone for the season. So, with that in mind, I project them at this point to finish at 4-13.

Here is how the Top 10 of the draft looks like with 4 games remaining:

  1. Lions
  2. Jaguars
  3. Texans
  4. Jets
  5. Giants
  6. Giants (Bears Pick)
  7. Jets (Seattle’s Pick)
  8. Carolina
  9. Falcons
  10. Eagles

This information could change each week so keep an eye out for upcoming articles as I follow these teams, update and see how the draft order unfolds as the season comes to an end.