Coaches Corner: The New York Giants have become the Keystone Giants.

By Michael Stewart/@TheTruthNYG

Keystone Giants

During the early days of television, there was a series of films that depicted a group of policemen who couldn’t get out of their own way as they would continuously fall and bump into one another and always fail to catch the criminal. These policemen were known as the keystone cops and it made me think about the current New York Giants team performance and how they stack up with past Giant team’s that performed like the keystone cops. Since the beginning when the Giants established themselves in the NFL (1925), The Giants have had stretches of losing seasons throughout their history and I’ve put together their top 3 worse stretches that define this team as the Keystone Giants.

  1. (1973-1980): During this eight year stretch the Giants overall record was 33-84-1. These were some lean times for any Giants fan and one that I personally lived through; these were indeed the darkest days for the Keystone Giants.
  2. (2017-2021): This five year span involves the current team with an overall record currently sitting at 22-57 with two games left in the season, so I might as well list them at 22-59 for this Keystone Giants team.
  3. (2013-2015):  This three year span produced a record of 19-29 and its light years away from the top 2 on this list, but it’s still a black eye to this organization and they are still the Keystone Giants during this time.

Current Status

Although the current Giant fans won’t take satisfaction that the Giants recent teams aren’t the worse historically of this once proud franchise; five consecutive seasons with a losing record is a very hard pill to swallow when there seems to be no hope in sight.  The Giants are expected to make changes this off season starting with the dismissal of GM Dave Gettleman. However, Owner John Mara has already made public that he intends to retain Head Coach Joe Judge and quarterback Daniel Jones for 2022. My issue is not with Daniel Jones here as he really wasn’t given the best opportunity to succeed in 2021 with an inept offensive line and the rash of injuries to key offensive weapons, including himself as he is out for the season with a neck injury. My issue is clearly Joe Judge who has a 10-21 record (two games left) and it appears to be losing the team as they seem to be digressing at this point.

What’s Next

To throw more salt into the wound, the rumor mill has already been heating up that the next GM has already been determined by Mara/Tisch in long time Giants executive Kevin Abrams. Abrams official title currently is VP of football Operations and Assistant GM as he is entering his 23rd season with the Giants and is re-guarded a cap guru. This is not a knock-on Kevin Abrams, but this is clearly a close-minded decision on Mara/Tisch with the flock of talented football minds possibly available with more knowledge in football operations and talent evaluations than Kevin Abrams resume would suggest. History would suggest that if the Giants venture up this road, they will only lead to more losing seasons that could set this team back for many years.

Final Say

This will more than likely be a wait and see scenario for the Giants fan base as we can only hope the right decisions will be made to turn this franchise around and in the right direction. For now, I will refer to my beloved Giants as the Keystone Giants until I see them turning their misfortunes around and start playing inspiring football that the Giant fans deserve and can be proud of.