Coaches Corner: The Clock is Ticking on Garrett

By Michael Stewart @TheTruthNYG

Lots of Finger Pointing

The New York Giants are a ticking time bomb as they prepare to play the New Orleans Saints this coming Sunday. Sitting at 0-3 there is plenty of finger-pointing to go around, but the most obvious culprit that deserves to be on the hot seat is offensive coordinator Jason Garrett who has displayed poor and unimaginative game plans with a talented group of offensive weapons at his disposal. Garrett was initially brought in by the Giants to mentor quarterback Daniel Jones to determine if Jones would or could be their franchise quarterback. Fast forward to year two of this partnership and Giant fans have only seen a glimpse of what Daniel Jones is capable of as Garrett has hindered his talents with his vanilla play calling.

Why is Jason Garrett still the OC?

Aside from the connection between Jones and Garrett, it makes no sense to me why Garrett is still the Giants offensive coordinator as they prepare for the Saints. I personally thought that perhaps Head Coach Joe Judge would make a change and hand over the play calling to Freddie Kitchens to hopefully change things around, but that’s not happening. Head Coach Joe Judge officially this past Monday announced that Garrett will continue to be calling the plays as the Giants offensive coordinator.

What if the Giants lose against the Saints?

If the Giants lose to the Saints; which would put them with an 0-4 start to this season, I would be totally shocked if nothing is done as Head Coach Joe Judge will be considered on the hot seat as well and if it comes down to it, Judge would have no choice but to at the very least hand the offensive play calling over to Freddie Kitchens. At 0-4, GM Dave Gettleman and the rest of the Giants coaching staff will be on notice and someone could be let go. The consensus among Giant fans is that Jason Garrett should be at the top of that list.