Coaches Corner: Spotlighting the Giants Running Back Position.

By Michael Stewart/@TheTruthNYG

The Giants have already started minicamp in preparation for the upcoming 2022 season and there’s one position that many fans and football experts have question marks; and that is at running back. Saquon Barkley is coming off two consecutive seasons with an injury and his performance since returning from injury was not very encouraging. Based on overall observation of his play, it doesn’t appear to be physical, but rather more mental as Barkley hasn’t displayed exploding through the holes and seems to be more hesitant and undecided. GM Joe Schoen did sign a couple of running backs during free agency but didn’t address the running back with any of the Giants 11 picks in the draft. Although Schoen did sign a couple of UDFA prospects, let’s take a look at the current roster at running back for the Giants:

  • Saquan Barkley: Barkley is the key to the Giants success in 2022 in the running game. Thus far, he has looked solid in camp and more importantly; healthy. If OC Mike Kafka can utilize Barkley like the Giants did in his rookie season, we could see Barkley finish with total yards from scrimmage over 1500. The key for this to happen is staying healthy for a full season.
  • Matt Breida: Breida was with Schoen and Daboll in Buffalo in 2021 and is considered an all purpose running back. His best year in the NFL was with the San Francisco 49ers in 2018 where he ran for 814 yards with 3 touchdowns. Breida is expected to compete for a spot on the roster and lessen the load on Barkley.
  • Gary Brightwell: Brightwell was drafted by old regime and he is auditioning to earn a roster spot for 2022. Brightwell is more of a receiving back and hasn’t displayed his running skills thus far. Brightwell could be the odd man out to make the final roster.
  • Antonio Williams: Williams is another former Buffalo Bill who Joe Schoen brought in immediately after becoming the Giants GM. Williams is a solid running back carrying the back and catching it out of the backfield. I project Williams to secure the #2 spot behind Barkley in the depth chart on opening day.
  • Sandro Platzgummer: Platzgummer has been with Giants for a couple of season now under the international pool and has been a mainstay on the practice squad. With the current players on the roster, I expect Platzgummer status to remain the same in 2022.
  • Jashaun Corbin: Corbin is the wild card in my opinion and has a solid chance to make the final roster for opening day. Corbin has a running style as a slasher and can be a high light reel whenever he touches the ball. Many football experts graded Corbin as a mid to late Day 3 draft pick, so he is definitely one rookie to keep an eye in training camp as his style of play fits into OC Mike Kafka offensive system.
  • Jeremiah Hall: Hall played both Tight End and Fullback in college, but I expect the Giants to utilize him as fullback as he is currently the only one labeled a fullback in camp. Hall is solidly built at 6’2/248 and is a solid blocker and can contribute as a receiver. Hall can play as a hybrid in Kafka system, so it will be interesting to see if the Giants decide to carry a fullback/hybrid on their opening day roster.

The Giants have carried four to five running backs in the past on their opening day roster, but I’m projecting they could decide to carry 5 if Hall impresses the team enough in training camp. Keep in mind all NFL teams are allotted two extra players per game to be part of the game roster, so Hall could certainly find his way on the field on game day. Keep an eye out for my next spotlight article as I breakdown the defensive side of the ball, starting with the defensive line,