As we get closer to the NFL 2022 draft the tension has been building as to what direction GM Joe Schoen will go especially in round one. In his latest press conference, Schoen left the door open for any option available, which could happen while the Giants are on the clock at pick #5.  Schoen also hinted that he could be open-minded in the other rounds on either Day 2 or 3, which includes a total of 7 picks.

Another topic that was brought up in the press conference was the future of CB James Bradberry as a Giant. Once again Schoen left the door wide open for every scenario possible for Bradberry from making a trade or possibly remaining a Giant for 2022.

Joe Schoen was candid with some of his answers and also tight-lipped with others and rightly so. He doesn’t want to reveal too much information before the draft and show his hand to the rest of the NFL teams. One thing is certain and what I took from this press conference with Schoen is that the Giants are in good hands finally with a GM who in my opinion has the vision and the decision-making skills to point the Giants in the right direction into the future.

My final thought as we approach the final week before the draft is that the Giants and Joe Schoen are in a very good position and if he decides to stand pat at #5 and #7 the Giants are going to get two quality impact players to contribute from day one.  

According to Daniel Jeremiah who I have the deepest respect for as a talent evaluator in his latest mock draft both Evan Neal and Ickey Ekwonu are available for the Giants at #5. If so, this could enable Schoen to trade out of #5 to a QB needy team if he views both OT as equal and still get either one at #7. However, how far back will Joe Schoen go in unclear at this point? So, hold onto your seat Giant fans, and get ready for arguably the most important Giants draft over the last twenty years or possibly longer.