Coaches Corner: Projecting the Final Top 10 Teams in the Draft

The Giants are now 4-11 with their latest loss to the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles 34-10 and have 2 games remaining in the season. Let’s get a look at the current top 10 draft board as we move closer to the end of the 2021 regular season.

  1. Jaguars: 2-13 (Lost to New York Jets)
  2. Lions: 2-12-1 (Lost to Atlanta Falcons)
  3. Texans: 4-11 (Play Los Angeles Chargers)
  4. Jets: 4-11 (Play Jacksonville Jaguars)
  5. Giants: 4-11 (Lost to Philadelphia Eagles)
  6. Seattle: 5-10 (Jets Pick) Lost to  Chicago Bears
  7. Carolina: 5-10  (Lost to Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
  8. Bears: 5-10 (Giants Pick) Won against Seattle Seahawks
  9. Washington: 6-8 (Play Dallas Cowboys Monday Night)
  10. Falcons: 7-8  (Won against Detroit Lions)

Over the last 2 remaining games it seems to me that Jacksonville, Detroit, Houston and the Jets will finish ahead of the Giants in the draft. We will focus on the three other teams that could determine where the Giants finish in this draft by examining the remaining schedule and project each team’s wins/losses. 

  • Seattle Seahawks (5-10): The Seahawks strength of schedule (.512) would put them ahead of the Giants if they finish with the exact record. The Seahawks remaining games (Cardinals/Lions) has them winning one of the two and finishing with a 6-11 record.
  • Chicago Bears (5-10): The Bears can go in two different directions at season’s end. Their strength of schedule (.516) is weaker than the Giants, but stronger than the Panthers. The Bears remaining games (Giants/Minnesota) has them projected to win just one game and finishing 6-11.
  • Carolina Panthers (5-10): The Panthers strength of schedule (.512) is also lower than the Giants and if they share the same record; they will finish ahead of them in the draft order. The Panthers three remaining games are (Saints/Buccaneers) and they are projected to win possibly one. But I still believe that game at New Orleans will be a tough one to win. So I’m still projecting them to go winless in their remaining three games and finish at 5-12.
  • New York Giants (4-11): The Giants have the easiest strength of schedule among the other four teams (.542) with their remaining games against (Bears/Washington). The odd maker’s now has the Giants possibly winning one of these games (Bears), however; without Daniel Jones who is now shut down for the season; I still project them to finish at 4-13.

The Giants draft picks are now sitting at #5 and #8 in the top 10 and with two games remaining; it’s still not clear where at least one of their picks will end up. Keep an eye out as we continue to track the top 10 teams in the draft and see how this unfolds over the final two weeks.