By Michael Stewart/@golferbad

Introduction: The New York Giants just got their first wake-up call this season by being totally outplayed by the Minnesota Vikings 28-10. This is the same Vikings team that was winless on the road this season with a -6 turnover ratio. Unfortunately; the Giants defense from the first 6 quarters of the season showed up instead of the defense from the last 6 quarters.

Top 3 Reasons Why the Giants lost

  1. Vikings big offensive plays: The Giants simply gave up too many big plays to the Vikings offense that has struggled on the road thus far. Dalvin Cook finished with a total of 218 yards and Kirk Cousins made the Giants secondary looked, well secondary by completing 22/27 for 306 yards and two touchdowns.
  2. Time of Possession: Minnesota controlled the clock by keeping the Giants inept defense on the field (32:40 to 27:20). The Vikings offense did a great job mixing their offensive attack with runs, screens and passes that kept the Giants defense off balanced.
  3. Red Zone Efficiency:  The Vikings had a 40% (2-5) red zone efficiency to the Giants 0% (0-2). That really sums up the Giants offensive effort in this to only have two red zones opportunity.

Hero: Got to give to Kirk Cousins and Dalvin Cook as both played outstanding football and gave the Giants defense no answers to stop them.

Goat: The Giants defense gets my vote as they once again displayed more coverage skills and failed miserably in making open tackles. The only bright spot for the Giants defense is that they have collected 3+ sacks in four consecutive games for the first time since 2012.

Final Thoughts:The concerns we had coming into the games was to contain Cook and not let Cousins get his groove in the pocket. Unfortunately for the Giants, they couldn’t prevent either from happening. Now the Giants need to regroup and play one of the best teams not only this season, but over the last decade in the New England Patriots. It’s going to be a long year for this team if they can’t get the defense to be more productive.