By Michael Stewart/@golferbad

Introduction: The New York Giants losing streak has now reached nine games, curiosity of the Green Bay Packers 31-13 on snowy afternoon. Aaron Rodgers rebounded well from last week’s lost to the 49ers by dissecting the Giants defense for four touch-down passes for 243 yards. Daniel Jones had his moments at times, but overall looked confused and wasn’t given ample amount of time like Rodgers; which resulted in three interceptions.  Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why the Giants lost to the Packers:

  1. Giants Secondary: The Giants secondary was no match for Rodgers and couldn’t contain the Packers receivers who seemed to have no problem getting open.
  2. Big Plays: Both teams were able to move the ball as evident to the Giants 335 total yards to the Packers 322. The difference here is that the Packers were able to make big plays (37 yard touchdown pass to Allen Lazard) and the Giants couldn’t.   
  3. Red Zone: The Giants were 1 for 3 in the red zone to the Packers 3 for 3 conversions. This has been a problem all season and doesn’t look like there’s any solution this season.
  4. 3rd Down Efficiency: The Giants finished at 35% to the Packers 53% 3rd down conversion; which is a reflection of the 18 point win by the Packers.
  5. Turnovers: The Giants committed three turnovers; which led to Packer points. The Packers committed no turnovers and that about sums of the reason why the Giants lost.

Hero: Quarterback Aaron Rodgers connected on 4 touchdown passes with no interceptions, en-route to a 243 yards passing day. The Giants really didn’t generate much of a rush, but when they did get close, Rodgers was able to evade the pressure and find an open receiver.

Goat: Quarterback Daniel Jones deserves this honor this week with his three interceptions and it could have been more if not for the weather conditions. Jones has definitely digressed since being named the starter, but the Giants will stay with him for the rest of the season.

Final Thoughts: The Giants are now firmly sitting at the #2 spot in the draft as Washington and Miami who were previously tied at 2-9, each won today to put them at 3-9. The Giants next opponent will be the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Football who lost to the Miami Dolphins, so expect them to be ready to play.