Coaches Corner: Judgement Day is approaching for Joe Judge.

By Michael Stewart/@TheTruthNYG

Judgment Day is Approaching

Since the departure of Tom Coughlin, the New York Giants have been desperately trying to find his replacement without success. First there was Ben McAdoo, followed by Pat Shurmur each lasting less than two seasons apiece.  Enter Joe Judge as a secondary option after Matt Rhule opted to sign with the Carolina Panthers; year one had its ups and downs, eventually finished with a 6-10 by going 5-3 in the second half of the season. Judge portrayed a no-nonsense, in your face tough guy approach who wanted his players to follow suit. Now with nine games into the 2021 and holding a 3-6 record, the media and fan base are turning against him as his tough guy image and words have not matched the play on the field.   

Will Joe Judge be back as the Head Coach in 2022

That will or should be up to the new GM as most GM’s like to bring in a head coach their familiar with and someone they’ve worked well with before. One scenario that could play out is that Mara/Tisch could insist to any GM candidate that Judge isn’t going anywhere and they must find a way to work together. That scenario would certainly limit many GM candidates to even consider interviewing for the GM role. Another scenario circulating has been that the Mara/Tisch tandem have already determine that Judge will and should be replaced by a more establish Head Coach with a long history of success. Both scenarios have been rumored, however; this will be a wait and see scenario.

GM and/or Head Coach Options to consider

In my opinion, it’s a fore gone conclusion that GM Dave Gettleman will be replaced after this season, unless the Giants make the playoffs and that seems highly unlikely at this point and time. However; it’s still unclear if Judge will be right behind him. Obviously, if the Giants continue to lose games this season and finish the year with less wins than they had in 2020 (6), it certainly will increase the chances of Judge being replaced by the Giants ownership.  As for possible GM and/or Head Coach Candidates to consider; this could be too early to call as there are so many possible candidates who haven’t even made it public that they are interested. As the season narrows down a clearer picture should emerge on the fate of Joe Judge as we could very well see a complete house cleaning from top to bottom.