By Michael Stewart@TheTruthNYG

Throughout the off season leading up to the 2024 NFL draft, speculations were flying that the Giants needed to draft a Quarterback to replace Daniel Jones. After all, Jones had endured a miserable 2023 season statistically, topped off with an ACL injury ending his season abruptly. GM Joe Schoen added to the suspense by signing free agent Quarterback Drew Lock; which awakened many of the Daniel Jones doubters that a QB controversy is in full swing. Fast forward, the draft has come and gone and the Giants either failed to get their guy at Quarterback or just weren’t willing to reach for one and chose the safest pick by selecting the best player available at #6 of Wide Receiver Malik Nabers.

Both sides of this argument have their opinions as it seems like it’s a 50/50 poll that there is a controversy between Jones and Lock. However; the one vote that matters that there isn’t a quarterback controversy is the one given by Head Coach Brian Daboll, who has publically stated that Daniel Jones is the starting quarterback. Whether or not we’re buying this doesn’t matter, what matters is that’s what Daboll has said and now it’s up to Jones to prove him right. Whether you’re a supporter of Daniel Jones or not, as fans our main focus should be what’s best for the team and if Jones or Lock become the starter, then all fans need to support him and the Giants.

The media and the Giant fan base need to let this scenario play out through training camp by supporting both quarterbacks for the betterment of the team. We all know what’s at stake this season for Jones and the Giants organization. The odds of Jones remaining a Giant beyond 2024 are slim, but at this point it’s not at 100% that he won’t be a Giant in 2025. As a Daniel Jones supporter, I admit that his chances of returning at this point falls in the 10% bracket as his success would only benefit the Giants. If Jones can stay healthy and have a good season, there’s a good chance the Giants will be competing for a playoff spot. Also, a bounce back season by Jones will rekindle his value and if the Giants do move on from him, then they could get some value back.