By Michael Stewart/@TheTruthNYG

The Giants are in unfamiliar territory as they are entering their Monday night showdown against the Kansas City Chiefs coming off a win against the Carolina Panthers 25-3. The Chiefs are coming off an embarrassing lost to the hands of the Tennessee Titans 27-3 and to add salt to the wound QB Patrick Mahomes sustained a concussion, but is expected to play against the Giants.  The Chief are considered 10 point favorites in this game, but here are my top 5 ways the Giants can win this game. .

  1. Giants Offense-VS-Chiefs Defense: Let’s keep it real here as both teams have not been consistent on either side of the ball. The Giants are averaging 19.0 points per game; while the Chiefs have been very generous surrendering 29.0 points per game.  It’s fair to say that the Giants need to put as many points on the board as possible if they want to walk out of Arrow Head Stadium with a win.
  2. Giants Defense –VS-Chiefs Offense: As non-productive the Giants offense is, it’s there defense that has let them down this season yielding 29.5 points per game; while the Chiefs offensive production is down this season; averaging 26.9 points per game. Obviously; the Chiefs offense will be centered on Patrick Mahomes health, but if he shows any side effects from last week’s concussion; the Giants should at the very least be in this game and could steal a victory.
  3. Red Zone Efficiency: The Giants are dead last in the Red Zone with a 45% efficiency ratio with the Chiefs hovering near the top 10 at nearly 63%. As in every game for the Giants this season; this category usually determines the outcome of the game and if the Giants convert field goals in the red zone instead of touchdowns in this game; they will lose.
  4. Turnovers: The Giants have a 0 turnover differential thus far with the Chiefs having a dismal -10 on the year. On paper, this is clearly an advantage for the Giants and one category that they must take advantage of  if they expect to win their 3rd game of the season.
  5. Time of Possession: The Giants are usually on the short end of the stick in this category as they are averaging 28:42 per game offensively. The Chiefs are slightly better with a 30:01. Clearly; the Giants need to keep the ball out of Mahomes hands and keep the Chiefs offense on the sideline for as long as possible. Sometimes the best defense is to keep the ball away from the opposing offense and this is certainly what the Giants must do.

In my pre-season prediction I had the Chiefs winning this game convincingly by more than 14 points, however; this is not the same Chiefs team we’re seen over the past several seasons that have had double digit wins each year since 2015. Perhaps last week’s lost will awaken a sleeping giant and the Giants are walking into a nightmare on Monday night. Or perhaps the Giants defense finally figured it out and will remind everyone of 2020 in their remaining games.  In order for the Giants to win this game, then need to start the game on all cylinders and score early and often. I definitely see a closer outcome with the score and I believe the Giants will cover the spread; which is 10 points in favor of the Chiefs. However; I haven’t changed the winner of this game:

Final Score: Chiefs 27/Giants-20