By Michael Stewart @TheTruthNYG

The New York Giants fresh off the bye week hold on to beat the Houston Texans 24-16 in a game that was closer than what Giant fans wanted to see. In a game that was full of big plays and miscues, let’s take a look and see the top 3 reasons why the Giants won:

  1. Giants Running Game Excelled: In my pre-game article I stated that Saquan Barkley should have a good chance to have a top tier performance going against the worse run defense in the NFL (180.6 yards per game). Barkley didn’t disappoint as he rushed for 152 yards on 35 carries.  In total, the Giants as a team rushed for 191 yards on 47 carries. This was classic New York Giants football emphasizing the running game by pounding the rock and wearing down the opposing defense.
  2. Sacks, Sacks, Sacks and more Sacks: The Giants defense recorded their highest sack total in a single game with a total of four. Again, this was another category disgusted in my pre-game article as a top 3 ways to win the game. Dexter Lawrence had two of the team’s sacks and has anchored himself as a 2023 Pro Bowler candidate.
  3. Red Zone Proficiency: The Giants were perfect in the Red Zone by going 2/2 with a first drive touchdown and a 3rd quarter touchdown that gave the Giants a much-needed cushion by extending the lead to eleven points. In past seasons, this was a category that the Giants failed to win with any consistency.

Final Thoughts:  The Giants now await the Detroit Lions who won a nail biter of their own against the Chicago Bears 31-30 to now go to 3-6. The Giants must not look too far ahead as they need to take one game at a time as they march closer and closer to a playoff berth. Keep an eye out for my article on the Top 3 reasons between the Giants and the Lions.