By Michael Stewart/@golferbad

Introduction: The New York Giants continue their losing ways in 2020 as they were manhandled by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 25-23. Quarterback Daniel Jones played well enough to win this game. Despite a few poor passes; which resulted in interceptions and one over thrown pass to Slayton in the end zone that was clearly Jones fault. Tom Brady on the other hand was nearly flawless; especially in the 2nd half as he led the Buccaneers on two impressive touchdown drives. Here are my top 4 reasons why the Giants lost:

  • Finishers: The Giants once again had the opportunity to steal a win against a playoff contender, but couldn’t get it done, but it wasn’t a result of them not being finishers. It was a result of a poor call by the officials on the final play of the game where Dion Lewis was clearly hit before the ball arrived on an apparent catch and 2 point conversion which would have tied the game at 25.
  • Penalties: It seemed that the Giants committed penalties at the worse time whether it was after a big offensive play or on defensive when the Buccaneers were facing 3rd and long. Overall; the Giants committed 7 penalties for 73 yards to the Tampa’s 3 for only 20 yards. Honestly Giant fans, this is usually a reflection of what good and bad teams do in a course of a game. Of course; the Giants are the bad team.
  • Takeaway/Giveaways: The Giants were -1 last night (Daniel Jones two interceptions) in this category and each one was a back breaker as it squandered any momentum the Giants had. Daniel Jones needs to be more aware of not forcing throws and at times needs to tuck it and run as an alternative.  Overall; the Giants scored 7 points off the Buccaneers turnover and the Buccaneers scored 6 points. However; one of the Giants turnovers was after a solid kickoff return by Lewis; which put the Giants in excellent field position.
  • Intangibles/X Factor: This one will be short and sweet as one of the main reasons the Buccaneers were victorious was because number 12 plays for them.  

Final Thoughts: The Giants played a solid game and not many expected (including me) them to not make this a close game. If not for some questionable penalties against the Giants, the outcome could have been different as it was very evident at least to me. What was very encouraging to see was the overall play of the Giants offensive line as throughout the game the Giants had 3 rookies on the field in Thomas, Lemieux (making 1st start) and Peart at the same time and they did a great job. This group needs to see more snaps for the rest of the season. Many Giant fans will more than likely want to see the last of Will Hernandez moving forward, however; I don’t share that same opinion and still believe Hernandez can be a productive offensive guard in the NFL. Keep in mind that in all likelihood Kevin Zeitler will at some point get traded or be a cap casualty. Another positive I saw in the game was the appearance of Evan Engram being utilized the way he should be and that is lining up off the line and for the most part in motion throughout the game. Next up for the Giants will be the only team that the Giants currently have a 3 game winning streak against and that is the Washington football team. Keep an eye out for my next Coaches Corner article and who I predict will win the game.