By Michael Stewart/@golferbad

Introduction: The New York Giants continue their losing ways in 2020 and this time it was the Los Angeles Rams who walked away with a 17-9 victory. On paper, the Giants outdueled the Rams in many categories such as: Time of possession (33:17/26:43), Total 1st downs (19/15), Total Yards (295/240) and Rushing Yards (136/58). However; the only stat that matters was the final score.  Let’s take a look at my top 4 reasons why the Giants lost:

  • Sleep Walkers:  For the 4th straight game the Giants started out slowly to start the game by failing to score in the 1st quarter and now have a total of 3 points total in the 1st quarter this season.
  • Failure to Execute: The Giants continue to display no execution on 3rd conversions as they managed to only convert 4-13 against the Rams.
  • Missed Opportunities: The Rams were 1 for 2 in the Red Zone converting 10 points and the Giants were 0 for 4, walking away with only 9 points. This one particular area has been an albatross for the Giants not only this year, but over the last several seasons.
  • Rising to the Occasion: The Giants continue to not come up with a big play that could change the momentum of the game in their favor. Quarterback Daniel Jones appears to be a man on an island desperately looking for someone who can contribute to an offense that is heading in the wrong direction.

Final Thoughts: The Giants are showing a pattern after four games and it’s not a positive one. Failure to start the game with some kind of passion and not putting points on the board should be a direction reflection on not only the players, but also the coaching staff. The Giants could have won this team as the opportunities were available. The Giants defense played well enough to win, but it’s the Giants offense that is hurting this team.  Quarterback Daniel Jones will be the main focus for the team’s failures offensively, but how much can he possibly do? The interception by Jones was a poorly thrown ball, but if not for a spectacular catch by the Rams defender, it would have been an incompletion. Giant fans can point their finger at Jones all they want, he is not the problem. The Giants will now face another team that is struggling this season, the Dallas Cowboys who are 1-3. Next article: Breakdown and prediction of the Giants and Cowboys game.