Coaches Corner: Giants face Bears for draft position

By Michael Stewart @TheTruthNYG

The Giants continued their losing ways with a 34-10 embarrassing loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. With the loss the Giants are now standing at 4-11 with only two games remaining on the season.

Next up are the Chicago Bears who beat the Seattle Seahawks 25-24 and are now 5-10. Giants face Bears for draft position. They have only won one game this season on the road and if they want to gain a victory against the Bears, here are my top 5 ways they can do it.

  • Time of Possession: The Giants have been notoriously horrible in this category all season and the Bears haven’t been good as well. Both teams struggle scoring points, so it would make sense that the team who can keep the ball longer on offense would have a better chance to put points on the board.

  • Open up the playbook: At this point of the season, why not! There’s no need to continue being so conservative and predictable as well. Let’s take more chances and stretch the field with a vertical passing attack. Let’s throw in a couple trick plays and have the Bears defense on their heels for a change. If the Giants falter, at least they tried something different.

  • Defense needs to take chances: DC Patrick Graham must take more chances in this game with his blitzes package against a rookie QB in Justin Fields. Even if it means getting burned a couple of times, it shouldn’t matter. Keep the foot on the peddle and throw the kitchen sink at the rookie QB to force him into mistakes.  

  • Convert on Missed Opportunities: This is a variety of many categories such as Red Zone efficiency, 3rd down conversions, big play chances and even trick plays on special teams. The Giants must be bolder and not settle for field goals instead of touchdowns. This game has nothing to do with playoff ramifications and only draft position, so let’s not be conservative.  

  • Battle of the Turnovers: The Giants are currently at -3 in the turnover ratio, but the Bears are downright pathetic sitting at -13. The Giants need to be consensus of this category and do whatever it takes to force QB Justin Fields into making bad decisions with the ball and look to strip tackle any Chicago Bear with the ball.

The Giants will more than likely have both QB’s Mike Glennon and Jake Fromm under center based on who is playing better at that time. Both teams offensively have similar stats and I expect to see a very low-scoring game. This game is only important due to the draft position for the Giants as they also own the Bears 1st round pick from their 2021 draft-night trade.

The weather forecast for this game is showing possible showers or light snowfall, which could affect both teams’ production offensively. In the end, this will be a defensive battle with limited scoring chances for both teams.

Final Score: Bears-10/Giants-6