Coaches Corner/Giants continue their losing ways with a crushing defeat by the Rams 38-11.

By Michael Stewart/@TheTruthNYG

The Giants had a week to lick their wounds in an embarrassing lost to the Cowboys and then faced the Los Angeles Rams and played even worse if that’s possible by losing 38-11.  The only positive note in this game for the Giants is that the 38-11 score is the first ever in NFL history. That’s right; there has never been a score of 38-11 in the NFL ever and the Giants are now in the record books. Back to the game; this was extremely hard to watch as the Giants were totally outplayed in nearly every category. Here are my top 5 reasons why the Giants lost this game.

  1. Giants Defense VS Rams Offense: The Giants defense played solid football if you take away the 2nd quarter as the Rams score 28 points to pull away. The projected strongest aspect before the season; has become one of the worse in the NFL.   
  2. Giants Offense VS Rams Defense: The Giants offensive line arguably played their worse game collectively as a unit by allowing the Rams to have 4 sacks, and surrendered only 60 yards on the ground.
  3. Red Zone Execution: The Rams were 4/5 in the red zone compared to the Giants being 1/2. Percentage wise this has been the best the offense has done this season. Unfortunately; they just couldn’t keep up the Rams on the offensive side of the ball.
  4. Time of Possession: Rams owned the ball in this game having the edge in time of possession 32:22 to 27:38. If you watched the game, it seemed like the Rams had the ball more on offense.
  5. Turnovers:  The Rams defense has been very opportunistic all season in this department and this game was no different as they created 4 turnovers for a +2 on the day.

The Giants rookie WR Kadarius Toney appeared to sustain a lower body injury after a stunning catch and run for one of the very few Giants highlights. The Giants are now 1-5 and will host the Carolina Panthers who are sitting at 3-3 after their OT lost to the Minnesota Vikings. Keep an eye out for my pre-game prediction in this game near the end of the week.