By Michael Stewart/@TheTruthNYG

Daniel Jones and Saquan Barkley are both in the same boat as we enter the 2022 season? Both have something to proof to the Giants organization and the fan base, but more importantly to themselves. Jones is learning his 3rd offensive system over a 4 year span and despite the history of success by this offensive scheme, it’s still unclear if Jones can grasp it and run with it. As for Barkley, his issue to purely physical as he has endured a few injuries in his short career thus far (ankle/knee/hamstring) and a healthy season will be essential for a bounce back season for Barkley.

Jones and Barkley will need to rely on each other if both plan on having a successful season. If Jones can put together a season that produces a stat line of  36 touchdowns/12 Interceptions/4000 passing yards it will most certainly open up the running game for Barkley who many believe could eclipse 1700 total yards from scrimmage. It appears that the new offensive system fits Barkley’s ability to a tee and being more involved in the passing game will enable him to be a more productive runner.

Head Coach Brian Daboll and Offensive Coordinator Mike Kafka have praised both Jones and Barkley thus far in training camp and are fully in agreement that both can and will excel within this new offensive system.  If both plan on remaining Giants beyond the 2022 season, both need to have breakout season and arguably be the top two offensive players on the team. The first test starts this week as the Giants play the New England Patriots in their 1st pre-season game and with only three pre-season games scheduled, we should see both playing more than usually.

The odds that the Giants will re-sign both players will be highly unlikely, but it’s still too early to project anything at this point. One thing is certain, and that’s Jones and Barkley need each other to succeed and as a Giants fan, I hope both have comeback seasons and make Giants GM Joe Schoen decision that much harder next off season. Bottom line will be if both players can stay healthy throughout the season and avoid the injury bug.