When 2nd year running back David Wilson was placed on Injury Reserve this week, it got me thinking about the injury trends that have occurred over the past 7 years to young players. Although every team faces injuries, it’s amazing to me the amount of first and second year players that battle injuries throughout their first two years and worse, can’t shake the injury bug as their careers progress.

Inevitably, these players have a tough time sticking out on the Giants roster. In addition to Wilson, some names that come to mind are:

Adrien Robinson (2012 4th rd): “The JPP of Tight Ends” has yet to do anything on this team. Last year we heard about his late start due to finishing up his course work at Cincinnati and this year he’s been injured since preseason.

Cooper Taylor (2013 5th rd): On and off the injury report all season, hopefully the rookie from Richmond doesn’t acquire the dreaded “always injured tag.”

Prince Amukamara (2011 1st rd): Thankfully one of the lone exceptions who lost out on most of his rookie year but has battled back to be one of the most consistent and best players on the roster.

Marvin Austin (2011 2nd rd): Regardless if it was a pec or a back injury, this ultra-potential player could never break through the depth chart at defensive tackle. After being cut this past preseason, he has bounced around the league to several teams. It’s possible that his DJ and music career may become more of a full time job then his NFL one.

Sinorice Moss (2006 2nd rd): Always injured and hardly a contribution for the former 2nd round pick.

Clint Sintim (2009 2nd rd): If transitioning from the 3-4 wasn’t hard enough for this former 2nd round pick, injuries always seemed to be part of his resume.

Ramses Barden (2009 3rd rd): See Moss, Sinorice. Although Barden was a 3rd rd pick, he was similar to Moss in which he always seemed to be injured and rarely cracked through the depth chart.

JayRon Hosely (2012 3rd rd): Yet to make an impact this year, it’s easy to forget Hosely is on the team. In his second season ,Wilson’s teammate from Virgina Tech is going to have a tough time contributing to a rock-solid secondary that seems to have great chemistry with Terrell Thomas and Charles James providing depth.

Jerry Reese might want to reexamine his drafting procedures.

Marco Imperati | Featured Columnist