Going into the Giants week 12-showdown vs. the Dallas Cowboys, there was much talk out of the Giants locker room. Among the trash talk that backfired in the Giants players faces was Defensive End Jason Pierre Paul saying that it was the “Super bowl.”

Well as most people know, when you lose the Super bowl, your season is in fact over. As close to done as these 2013 New York Giants are, there is still a glimpse of hope that they could eclipse all odds and win the NFC East. Physically and emotionally, most fans aren’t too sure if the Giants are still alive. Mathematically, yes life in this team is still ticking.

Before looking at division rivals, Philadelphia and Dallas, the Giants must win the remaining five games on their schedule. Those games are:

Week 13 @ Washington
Week 14 @ San Diego
Week 15 vs. Seattle
Week 16 @ Detroit
Week 17 vs. Washington

The giants have split the season series with the Eagles, but have lost both games to the cowboys. For the Giants to surge and make the playoffs, they need to finish with a better record (9-7) then the rival division teams. Here is a look at the Eagles and Cowboys remaining games.

Philadelphia Eagles (6-5)

Week 13 vs. Arizona
Week 14 vs. Detroit
Week 15 @ Minnesota
Week 16 vs. Chicago
Week 17 @ Dallas

The Eagles have been awful at home so it’s not out of the question that they could lose both of the next two weeks vs. the suddenly surging Cardinals and Lions. One more loss along the way vs. Minnesota, Chicago or Dallas would eliminate the Eagles.

Dallas Cowboys (7-5)

Week 13 vs. Oakland (Dallas W 31-24)
Week 14 @ Chicago
Week 15 vs. Green Bay
Week 16 @ Washington
Week 17 vs. Philadelphia

It’s surely not out of the question that the return of Jay Cutler to the Bears and Aaron Rodgers to a struggling Green Bay spark two losses vs. the Cowboys. If that occurs, and the Giants take care of their tough schedule, the Giants will place their hopes in the hands of the Redskins in a week 16 game. All the Redskins will be fighting for at that point will be pride.

Are the Giants capable of winning their remaining five games? Most fans would be inclined to say yes. However, this inconsistent team has not given any reasons to think that way. But these are the Giants, and they love to make every game interesting.

Marco Imperati | Featured Columnist