by Craig J. Santucci @NYGaintsRush

When did the eye test become questionable? How did stats over take the world, when the rest of us are completely comfortable telling you, “This guy can’t play…I watch him drop the ball every week.”

I’m still rolling with the eye test, maybe the ear test too. Since the season ended three days ago with a win over the Dallas Cowboys, I have “seen” a few things that look, smell, and sound like continued progress.

The Captain

Blake Martinez has stepped into the Alpha Dog role and the Giants seem to be listening to what he’s preaching. He came to New York and basically tackled everything. With Ogletree, Goodson, McClain, Binkley, Herzlich, Beason, far in the rearview mirror…Blake Martinez has shown he is the real deal. Sorry Green Bay, your last DC didn’t know how to use this guy. He’s a flat out baller.

The Land of the Linebacker:

New York Giants fans take their linebackers seriously. Generations of bad-ass backers have roamed the region for decades: Sam Huff, Harry Carson, Brad Van Pelt, Lawrence Taylor, Carl Banks, Gary Reasons, Pepper Johnson, Antonio Pierce. If healthy…Martinez looks to be the next in line for success.


It seems that Martinez understands Judge’s vision, you can just feel it. He dropped a few some social posts about finding DC, Patrick Graham. If you’re reading between the lines, one could guess that he didn’t want Patrick Graham to leave. And why would he…Graham has once again maximized his potential, letting the Linebacker do what he does best, scrape, attack, shoot gaps, and shut down the run. This is pure speculation…but fans can see the relationship with his coach is very good and important to success. Patrick Graham stopped taking Head Coach interviews and signed an extension with the Giants! Coincidence?

I see a guy that has a voice that matters.

“Leonard Williams is one of my favorite players of all time,” says NYG LB Blake Martinez. “I would love him back.’

Blake Martinez – NY Giants Captain

When players talk…coaches listen. When your Captain talks…the franchise listens. You can bet the Giants brass are taking what Martinez said about Leonard Williams seriously and will ramp up his signing efforts. He wants his defense intact.

The Giants defense went from the 30th ranked in 2019 to the 9th ranked Defense in 2020. Bam! I can’t wait for 2021.