by Spiro Kasabian @nyspawtsguy_spi

Let’s talk “Worst Case” for Giants Quarterbacking Future

Who will be the QB of the future for Big Blue?  After the Giants selected Saquon Barkley, the continuing conversation has been that the Giants made a mistake. A mistake by not picking their QB of the Future.  With every Power Ranking and Season Preview that gets published, we are seeing this theme resurface.  The Giants at the bottom of the pack in the Division or Rankings.

All of these analysts, arm-chair scouts, and writers seem to think that even despite the absurd lack of talent around him, that Eli was supposed to rise above all of that.  That, as a 37-year-old, Eli was still supposed to produce because of all of the money the Giants invested in him (and nowhere else on the offense).  I challenge you to find a Quarterback with a worse supporting cast over the past 5 years that has succeeded at a high level.

Mind you, I am not even going to get into the scheme, which outside of having a talented Quarterback the likes of Aaron Rodgers, has never proven to work in the NFL.  We all saw what happened to the Packers team when Rodgers went down.  If you didn’t see, I’ll inform you of what happened.  The Packer offense went to absolute crap.

Despite all of that, I will throw you a bone, so to speak.

Let’s say Eli still has a case of the yips and fails to perform like a top 15 QB.  You would be well within your right to then say, “I told you so”.  I don’t think there will be many Eli supporters left if he flops again this year.  I will eat crow and then move on to, what should be, Gettleman and Co.’s Plan B.

Plan B starts with cutting Manning’s enormous salary.  If the Giants cut Eli pre-June 1 next offseason, they will be saving $17 million dollars.  There is not much outside of Teddy Bridgewater coming in to Free Agency next year (knows Shurmur’s offense already).  The front office still needs to see what you have in either Davis Webb or Kyle Lauletta next year. With all the weapons around them and a further improved Offensive Line, it will be really hard to not succeed.

Okay, you know what I will do now? I’m going to throw you folks a SECOND BONE.  I’m a nice guy like that.  I’m going to say that both Webb and Lauletta show us nothing in 2019.  Where does that leave us? What do the Giants do for a Quarterback in 2020?  Are we headed in the dreaded “Quarterback Hell” territory?

Plan C entails having a possible Quarterback Free Agent class of Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Dak Prescott, Nick Foles, Case Keenum.

Now, some of these guys will predictably re-sign with their original teams before they hit the market.  My guess is though, someone will shake free.  With Webb and Lauletta being so bad, the Giants, in theory, should have a decent 1st Round pick.  Who knows, maybe even top 10 if the Webb/Lauletta combo is as bad as everyone thinks!  The 2020 Quarterback class projects to be filled with much more talent than 2019.  The likes of Jake Fromm, Tua Tagovailoa, Jacob Eason (and probably another late riser ) will be highly touted during the draft.

I don’t know what you all think, but that “worst case” scenario doesn’t sound THAT bad.  Barkley could turn out to be the best Running Back we have ever seen put on a Giants jersey.  If Odell signs back, and resources continue to be pour into the Offensive Line, who knows?  The Quarterback of the Future will have the keys to, what should amount to, the Lamborghini of NFL Offenses.