Big Blue Draft Draft Grades

by Michael J. Basile @MBDouble

The draft is now in the rear view mirror, rookie camp is now behind us.    Big Blue Draft grades below.

  • Round 1: No. 2 overall

Saquon Barkley: A.  When you draft the consensus best player in the draft, this is a no brainer.  Dave Gettleman was brought in to turn this franchise back into a yearly contender.  Barkley gives them the ability to have 2 of the leagues best game breaking players on offense on the field at the same time.

  • Round 2: No. 34 overall

Will Hernandez: A.  This is a player who 10 years from now could still be a starting guard.  The offensive line was neglected by Jerry Reese, then set back for 3 seasons by investing in the wrong player, Ereck Flowers.  Hernandez is a ‘hog molly’ through and through, and will join a revamped offensive line.  Many teams had a first round projection on him, so when he was there in round two the Giants decision was easy.

  • Round 3: No. 66 overall

Lorenzo Carter: B+.  As an edge rushing athlete, new defensive coordinator James Bettcher is happy about this selection.  Carter brings versatility and speed to this new look 3-4 defense, and any time a player comes from the SEC team, it means they played at the highest level in college.  Look for Carter to have an immediate impact as a role player and work his way into the starting lineup quickly.

  • Round 3: No. 69 overall (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

BJ Hill: B.  He played alongside Bradley  Chubb at NC State, and will provide rotational help to give Snacks Harrison a breather once in a while.  When the Giants were great, they had depth on the d line so the pick makes sense.

  • Round 4: No. 108 overall (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Kyle Lauletta: C+.  I’m not thrilled with a QB here simply because it’s against the philosophy that the Giants went with the rest of the draft, which was the ‘win now’ mentality.  I can see that they want to provide competition for Webb, and increase their chances of having someone develop behind Eli, but based on previous picks, I’m surprised they didn’t go for a player who can impact the roster with someone who’s going to actually play this season.

  • Round 5: No. 139 overall

RJ McIntosh: B.  He’s tough, physical, powerful, and brings more depth along the d line. He’s a developmental pick with upside, which is exactly what you want in a 5th rounder.  Look for him to play in run situations from time to time this year.

Overall, the Giants draft grade: A-.  Barkley has the potential to score any time he touches the call.  Will Hernandez might be a fixture on the Giants offensive line for years to come; If those two live up to their potential alone, the draft is a major success and anything that comes from the other players is icing on the cake.