Beckham looses appeal: What are the Giants options at receiver

Due to NFL Vice President of Football Operations Merton Hanks suspension ruling, the Giants will have to go to war in Minnesota on Sunday night without their biggest threat, Odell Beckham Jr.

The Giants will have several options to deal with loss of OBJ, none of which have fans to happy. In all scenarios it would appear as  if Myles White will see some more playing time as the number 4 option. According to, the second year pro has 5 catches for 54 yard on the season.

The real question being, who will be the number one. Hakeem Nicks could move to the number one spot as he played there in his first stint with big blue however, he is not the 2008 Nicks fans remember, and has only been in the Ben McAdoo system for a few weeks.  He would need to prove himself in practice this week.

Dwayne Harris, as good as he has been doesn’t seems to have the body type to play on the outside regularly, so you should expect to see him in the slot where he performs his best.

The most likely “answer”  would be for Rueben Randle  to move to the one spot, Nicks to the two, Harris in the slot and White at the number four wide receiver spot. 

Replacing OBJ who lost his appeal, will not be the only obstacle the Giants will have to overcome this Sunday, but they will also have to find away to deal with the NFL’s leading rusher Adrian Peterson. AP has had a busy year, according to the 7 time pro bowler has 286 attempts, 1314 yard and 9 TD over the 14 game stretch.

That is not where it stops, The Vikings air attack although inconsistent has been improving, on the arm of second year Pro Teddy Bridgewater who totaled up 5 TDs in last weeks blow out of The Bears. Vikings NFC North counterpart Green Bay Packers have clinched a playoff berth, but not the division. So Giants and the Vikings have much riding on this game. 

The last major obstacle Big Blue will have to overcome this week, is one they no longer have control of, The Washington Redskins. If the Skins triumph over The Philadelphia Eagles this Saturday, it will in fact eliminate the Giants for playoff contention. Rendering the Giants last two games meaningless, with the exception of a pre-season like feeling of evaluating players who would be considered on the bubble.

Due to the inconsistency, the injuries and the consistent bad decision-making the Giants fate no longer rest in their hands.