by Craig J. Santucci @NYGiantsRush

I have never been a stat hungry guy. I’ve always felt like stats only tell half the story, especially when there so many made stats that seem to reward guys for mediocre play. With that said, the New York Giants and Washington are very similar teams.

Giants Offense:

Rushing: 395 yds. | Passing: 1017 yds.

Washington Offense

Rushing: 407 yds. | Passing: 908 yds.

Giants Defense:

Vs. the Run: 553 yds. | Vs. the Pass: 1162 yds.

Washington Defense

Vs. the Run: 648 yds. | Vs. the Pass: 1134 yds.

These teams have very similar output over the last five weeks, yet the Washington team has managed a win against the Eagles to open the season. So how do you measure these teams objectively? When there isn’t a lot of good to grasp onto. The key is you look at growth, competition, a gut check on player talent, and competition.

*The Giants have played Pittsburgh, Bears, 49ers, Rams, and Cowboys. The combined record is 16-8.

*Washington has played Eagles, Cardinals, Brown, Ravens, and Rams. The Combined record is 16-8.

However you slice it up, these two teams have performed on the same horrible level using stats. But as I mentioned, stats are only part of the story.

Trending Up:

The Giants are trending up. Slowly but surely, each week OC, Jason Garrett has gotten better at incorporating Engram, Freeman, and Slayton into the game plan. The defense continues to slug it out. While they are on the field way too long, Bradberry, Martinez, Tomlinson, DexLaw, and Lenoard Williams have been playing at a high level. I’d like to see more stunts at the new Washington starter.

Washington has lost their name, benched their quarterback, and given up 30 points to the Rams last week and 31 points to the Ravens the week before. They also are missing two offensive linemen this week, so they should be vulnerable with an aggressive plan from DC Patrick Graham.

Garrett needs to keep the bubble screens, flea flickers, end around, rollouts, and jet tosses in the game plan. It creates space and space is good for the Giants. They do not maul you upfront, but there has been a late surge from the big guys in the trenches. While Thomas continues to struggle, TE Kaden Smith is making some great kick-out blocks, while Zeitler is pulling and moving well.

Temper expectations without Slayton & Shep

If Slayton doesn’t play, the Giants might have to pound the rock with Freeman and Gallman. So to the haters…get your tired, old narrative ready because without Slayton and Shepard it will be very hard for Jones to have his comeback party and a multi TD day. A heavy does of Smith could work.

The Fire is Gone:

It’s obvious to see that Tate is avoiding contact at all costs. All the young pups should be running routes this Sunday. The receiver group has been Judges’ biggest blunder as a rookie head coach. Maybe he overestimated Shep and Tate thinking they would be closer in talent to Julian Edelman.

With a new coach, the youngest team in the NFL, the Giants really needed OTA’s, Camp, and pres-season. While the fan base wants wins…this week they should be another step in the right direction.

The Giants do have a long history of letting back up QB’s beat them. Time to buck some trends.