5 reasons the Eagles will be the punchline in 2016

As summer approaches it’s time to laugh out loud at our favorite punching bag, the Philadelphia Eagles.  Yes, the little engine that could will once again try hard like their fictitious hero Rocky Balboa and well…come up short.

5) Their new coach is Doug Peterson.   After the train wreck, Chip Kelly left town leaving the bruised franchise reeling from lack of talent, the Eagles felt the best move would be to hire someone a bit more conservative, someone who would garnish zero headlines.  In steps Doug Peterson, a perennial back-up quarterback who played for 5 NFL franchises and 1 World League recreational team over 12 years, including the Eagles.

After  throwing only 12 TD’s and 19 interceptions over 12 years, Peterson retired to coach high school football, until Andy Reid once again rescued him and gave him an NFL job. When Andy Reid was fired…Peterson went with Reid to the Chiefs.

To recap: There is a pattern here.  Without any Andy Reid, Peterson might be selling insurance.

4) Running Backs Graveyard – it doesn’t matter who carries the rock, Philadelphia is where all good backs go to die.  DeMarco Murray had just rushed for 2966 and 22 TD’s over two years in Dallas, averaging a whopping 4.95 yards per carry.  In 2015, Murray ranked 27th in overall yards and 19th in carries. Watching his career dissolve in the city of no running back love…he jumped ship leaving Ryan Mathews as the starter.

Murray 2015:

Year  Team GP GS  Att  Yards  Avg  Lng  TD  Rec  Yards  Avg  Lng  TD  Fum  Lost

2015  PHI    15    8  193  702    3.6     54      6    44     322     7.3    44      1      2      2

Mathews who is 28 has not seen a 1000 yards in 3 years and has never scored more than 7 touchdowns.  He will split time with Darren Sproles who turns 33 next week.  Sproles had the ultimate support of his franchise, so much that they tried to trade him during the draft and were repeatedly turned down.

3) Fletcher Cox – Cox is a good player and he just got paid way too much.  The deal is worth $103 million with $63 million in guaranteed money, the highest guarantee for a non-QB in NFL history.  Over his career he averages 5.5 sacks a year and 40 tackles.  The fine print of that contract says that the Eagles are expecting 75 tackles and 15 sacks per year.  At 6’4 300 lbs I wouldn’t hold my breath for that to happen.  Cox will be playing DT before you can blink in the new 4 -3 system. That contract will hurt the Eagles franchise for years to come.

2) Eagles defensive is bad  – The 30th ranked defense, who just paid their top producer JJ Watt and Von Miller money, are moving to a 4- 3 scheme.  Not only does everyone have to learn a new system, producers like Connor Barwin, in the middle of a 36 million dollar deal become situational players.  To add insult, his new Defensive Coordinator, Jim Schwartz has no idea what Barwin did.

“I think most of the plays that he made were rushing the passer,” Schwartz said of Barwin.

Mychal Kendricks one of their most dynamic players put on 20 lbs to play strong side backer in the 4-3.  That could squash the play making ability of the rangy backer.

1) Bradford is not a winner – Eagles quarterback, Sam Bradford has never won 8 games in a season…never!  He has never thrown for 25 touchdowns or thrown for 4000 yards. He’s been sacked over 30 times 3 out 5 years in the NFL.  He ranks 31st in overall QB rating by PFF and to make matters worse…his off season attitude after the drafting of quarterback Carson Wentz spoke volumes about his heart and drive. BOO-HOO!

Bradford got paid this offseason, he needs to shut up and compete, even if he can shake off Wentz looking over his shoulder, he will never be able to overcome his average NFL talent and his average wide receiver group headed by one…Rueben Randle. [insert laughter here]

Receiver Bonus – The “Rube” has great talent; however, motivating him to show it is another story.   The receiver never stepped into the limelight even though the Giants and Eli Manning gave him numerous times to show it.   His release off the ball is dismal and the drops come in bunches.  The health of his knees are shaky and 1/4 of Eli’s picks come when Randle was the target.  He is frequently in the wrong place or lacks the desire to fight for the ball.

The 2015 1st round pick, Nelson Agholor is now being accused of sexual assault of an exotic dancer last week…so the wide receiver group is taking its lumps before camp even starts.